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Americana Visionary Rocky Roberts Recruits Norah Jones and A-List Musicians for New EP

Americana Visionary Rocky Roberts Recruits Norah Jones and A-List Musicians for New EP Americana visionary Rocky Roberts stays true to form on new Rocky Roberts & Friends EP ‘Pieces of Time’, out via Wolfe Island Records on May 5, 2023. Along with featuring Norah Jones on one of the tracks, there are plenty of inspired surprises in store on...

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Singles Roundup May 2020

Singles Roundup May 2020 We’re here at the end of another month of lockdown. Although some tenants of society are returning, things are still far from normal. This means artists still don’t have the infrastructure to complete and market their albums to a satisfactory level. So once again we have a collection of singles tossed...

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Neil Young Feeding on Corporate America with “The Monsanto Years”

Neil Young has kept himself busy in this post-divorce era of his career. In 2014 he released two albums, A Letter Home, a lo-fi selection of covers, and Storytone, a solo album with an extra orchestral version attached. For Young’s thirty-sixth (gasp) album, The Monsanto Years, he aims his guitar and pen at Monsanto, the...

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Neil Young peers at the lo-fi past on A Letter Home

Before Neil Young tries to master the state of audio with his high-quality digital music service, Pono, he wants to remind us where we once were. His new album, A Letter Home, was recorded in one full take on a rare Voice-o-Graph instant vinyl recording booth–the type of antique only Jack White could get his grubby hands...

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Why Music Fans Are Respecting Their Elders In 2013

Music fans, more and more, are respecting their elders in the search for something a little…truthier. Often, when looking at current music trends, we forget to look at the whole picture, and end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater, opting for a simplistic, negative generalization rather than a comprehensive view. With many popular...

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Andrew Luttrell Band – Paint by Numbers CD Review (2012)

Gutwrenching and emotional with a traditional bluegrass/rock vibe, the Andrew Luttrell Band impress with the very atmospheric and foreboding “Landscape Plains”, a cut taken from the new release “Paint by Numbers”. Andrew Luttrell’s voice is reminiscent of seasoned artists like Blue Rodeo, Neil Young and Tom Petty, and the music fits in with the same...

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CD Review – Scott Alan Simmons “The Life & Death of Warren Peacemaker”

Rock/alternative singer songwriter Scott Alan Simmons is unassuming in the best of ways, with his modest and honest take on classic 90’s alternative a la Sunny Day Real Estate and hHead mixed with a dash of sombre country, Wilco and Neil Young influence. His new album “The Life & Death of Warren Peacemaker” is full...

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Exclusive Interview with Folk Singer Songwriter Darlene Bailey

I’m privileged to have an exclusive interview with folk singer/songwriter Darlene Bailey, whose debut 2011 CD release “Wrenches & Rags” is already critically acclaimed because of her beautiful melodies, seasoned song-writing and deeply insightful lyrics. Her track “Hello, Old Bureau” is recommended listening for serious folk music listeners. Not surprisingly, my interview with Darlene produced...

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