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Don’t Be A Hothead! A Primer

Here’s one of the key things that I’ve noticed a lot of bands struggle with that ruins their careers almost right off the bat every time. It’s not being able to control their emotions. This impacts every single aspect of your music career, not just the relationships it sours but the bad press it generates...

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Communicating With Your Fans

I want to talk for a little bit today about knowing your audience and dialoguing with them on a level that they can relate too and want to be a part of. This is an incredibly tricky one because on the one hand you want to separate yourself from your fans a little bit or...

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On The Importance Of Hardcore Friends

So here’s something I’ve noticed lately that’s honestly a little bit weird. It’s the sort of weird Jungian subconscious thing that I don’t think anyone realizes exists but when you take advantage of it you see connections that are not only amazing but also that lead to better music industry opportunities. What I am talking...

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The Power Of Personalization

Personalization has sort of been a theme on this blog for the last few weeks, and it’s a valuable one. It’s one that’s so valuable that I want to take the time to address it directly. If you can’t embrace the power of personalization then you are leaving your band in a bad place and...

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Toxic People and the Music Industry

Toxic people kind of dick around you in the industry constantly and there is no escape from them. This is one of those unfortunate realities where the sooner you come to terms with it the better off you are going to be. It’s a reality that you don’t want to have to stare down the...

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Why You Shouldn’t Talk About Cats Not Music

I think that not enough people realize that everyone in this industry is a person. I know that might be hard to believe a lot of the time given… everything, be it ruthless efficiency, crazy hair, general cruelty or whatever, but everyone is an individual with thoughts and feelings and you need to appreciate this....

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When And Why You Should Add Someone To Your Team

I had a really good conversation with a good friend and client this morning and it made me realize something fundamental about moving forward in the music industry. When you grow your team, it should be begrudgingly. This is sort of tied into my last article about scammers, but it represents much more than that....

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