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CD Review – “Resolution” by The Dryer 5

Part Wilco. Part Switchfoot. Part Goo Goo Dolls. It’s certainly hard to peg Orange County rock quartet The Dryer 5, but you definitely couldn’t accuse them of sounding unprofessional. The sheen on their new album “Resolution” is radio ready to say the least. The thing that strikes you first about the band is the earnestness...

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Exclusive Interview with Moksha Sommer of HuDost

Today’s exclusive interview is a special one. Moksha Sommer, the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist behind the absolutely brilliant neo-folk/world/rock project HuDost, where she teams up with guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jemal Wade Hines and a host of other stellar musicians,  is here to answer some of my questions. After listening to some of her music I was instantly a...

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Pianist and Composer Kevin Mongelli stuns with “Unafraid”

Modern composer/pianist Kevin Mongelli has recently released his new album entitled “Fort Lonesome”, and from what I’ve heard thus far it contains some absolutely beautiful music. The word has been spreading steadily about Kevin’s music – he is number 1 on the classical charts for Tampa, Florida on Reverbnation with over 6,000 views on his...

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Exclusive interview with Dublin folk/rock artist Andrew Handrick

Today I caught up with Irish folk/rock artist Andrew Handrick. I was very impressed with the rawness of his work. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Andrew. Your music has that intense, isolated feel of one person in a room telling stories. Can you tell us about how you set about writing and recording your new...

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Metal band Soul Sanctuary maim and punish with “Afterlife” music video

“Welcome to the afterlife.” Fans of Lamb of God, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Threat Signal and other groove driven heavy metal bands with find a lot to enjoy in Soul Sanctuary’s new album as well as their lead single “Afterlife” which has been gaining huge traction lately with well over 35,000 views on YouTube already.  The...

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