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The Times They Are a-Changin’ with Witch Mountain

I’d barely heard of Witch Mountain three months ago. Now I’ve seen them live three times and gotten into all sorts of hijinks with them. Yet, my sudden obsession with the band came at a strange time in their career, a time of great change, when the world that Witch Mountain had built up for...

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Interview with Jordannah Elizabeth on her new record

Recently I had the honor of getting Jordannah Elizabeth to answer a few questions for me on her new record via e-mail. In the interview we talk about her career, music, and the inspirations behind her sound. If you like psychedelic folk music then you will love her new record “Bring to the Table.” If...

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Strange Music Gem of the Day – Douglas Johnson

Since I’m writing less reviews and focusing more on simply posting great artists, I’d like to share a  “strange gem” that came my way this week. As you may know, I’ve changed formats here at Independent Music Promotions. I’m being very selective with what I cover (besides some reviews that I allow others to post)....

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CD Review – Scott Alan Simmons “The Life & Death of Warren Peacemaker”

Rock/alternative singer songwriter Scott Alan Simmons is unassuming in the best of ways, with his modest and honest take on classic 90’s alternative a la Sunny Day Real Estate and hHead mixed with a dash of sombre country, Wilco and Neil Young influence. His new album “The Life & Death of Warren Peacemaker” is full...

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David St Germain shows authenticity “My Country Song”

Like your country music with a bit of Springsteen influence for good measure? Check out David St Germain’s new full-length release “My Country Song” and preview it in the iTunes store here. I normally cringe at the thought of popular country music, but there are always exceptions in life, and this is one of them....

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Oleg Prodeus – The 13 CD Review

Oleg Prodeus is a Vienna based Alternative rock musician/writer/producer with a ton of projects on the go, one of them being his solo rock album “The 13”, which is a collection of moody yet catchy industrial-tinged songs. “Savior” sets a mood similar to Muse and Interpol at the beginning, with Oleg’s very distinctive lead vocal...

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Review and Interview with The Roots Bongo Band

The Roots Bongo Band create their own unique sound by uniting African and European cultures with their peaceful roots/reggae sound. Tackling political issues on tracks like “Leaders of Tomorrow”, and exploring the resilience of love on the very catchy pop/reggae track “If You Love Me”, their new album entitled “Leaders of Tomorrow” covers a wide...

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Nathan Mathes – Roselawn CD Review

Nathan Mathes is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Green Bay, Wisconsin who exudes a lack of ego in his music. Recorded with care in his basement studio, the arrangements are lush and gorgeous. Stylistically he sits comfortably between Eliott Smith, The Eels, and Bon Iver, and I can safely predict that fans of each artist...

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Exclusive Interview with Brooklyn Rock Quartet Frank

Frank is a rock n’ roll/power pop quartet from Brooklyn, New York inspired by acts like The Replacements and The Clash. Their new CD “Here Together” is full of hooks so infectious you’d hardly know you were getting a dose of wisdom at the same time. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I really enjoyed...

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Fans of Big K.R.I.T and Big Boi will love Georgia rapping phenom A.Tone Da Priest

Coming to us from Marietta, Georgia, rapper Marco Antonio Restrepo, also known as A.Tone Da Priest, is building up quite an impressive catalogue, releasing new material at hyper speed. He must be well aware of the intensive competition in today’s hip hop industry; it’s possibly thriving more than ever before, and that in turn means...

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