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new gorillaz album

The Last Cult: Murdoc Reveals his Genius Plan for World Domination…and a New Gorillaz Album

When you think about it, with his character as it is as resident megalomaniac, official 2-D torturer and founding bass player of cartoon supergroup Gorillaz, it’s sort of surprising that it’s taken 22 years for Murdoc to come up with this cult idea. With his hunger for the fame and adoration of any and all...

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The New Gorillaz Song Machine Video Heralds an Upcoming Album: Robert Freaking Smith Collabs on ‘Strange Timez’!

OK that’s it – who else was just completely not ready for the emotional, political, fun and funky ball of wax that is “Strange Timez”? Every track so far on the Song Machine series has been monumentally great, with the collabs all adding something new and unique to  the mix, but this one is truly something...

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