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New Music Friday

Essential Bandcamp New Releases

Essential Bandcamp New Releases Recognized as a haven for all subgenres of emerging and underground music, we’ve selected the best Bandcamp new releases for the adventurous music listener. Whether you’re into progressive or doom metal, experimental electronica or jazz fusion, Bandcamp provides an inclusive platform for musicians who prioritize community over the largely bot-dominated platforms...

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3D The Boss Drop Music Video For Love Song “Heaven and Paradise” Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

3D The Boss Drop Music Video For Love Song “Heaven and Paradise” Just in Time For Valentine’s Day 3D The Boss‘s classic sound comes from a deep place. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Atlanta Pop/R&B Trio 3D The Boss explore the essence of true love and vulnerability in relationship with oneself, others, and the collective in...

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Patrick Ames Kicks Up the Jams On Funky, Soulful Rock & Roll Single “You Make Me Scream”

Modern poet, wine enthusiast and blues philosopher Patrick Ames gets wild and loose on jangly new rock n’ roll single “You Make Me Scream”. This new release follows up Patrick’s other 2020 releases, “Reawakened 2020” and “Liveness”. (Update: Hear Patrick Ames’s new album “The Virtualistics”, out now.) Patrick Ames teams up with Producer Jon Ireson for a funky dance...

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New Music Friday – Essential New Artists for the True Music Connoisseur

It’s New Music Friday again, and there’s a plethora of essential new artists for all you music connoisseurs out there. Below we’ll outline our curated recommendations. Most of these picks are included on our Independent Music Worldwide playlist. Hope – Red Man Find something more powerful than this for me. Don’t worry. I’ll wait….it’s just...

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New Music Friday – A Look At This Week’s New Independent Releases

Independent Music Promotions takes a look at the latest eclectic and exciting new music being released by indie and major artists. Dirty Chime – Fifty One Fifty (Single) (Electronic Pop) Dirty Chime is the brainchild of solo artist Thomas Clayton, writing lyrics from personal experiences that touch on sensitive subjects such as mental health, medicating/over-medicating...

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Independent Music Worldwide - a music discovery playlist on Spotify

This Weeks Best New Music on Spotify

Tune in to the best new music spanning all genres, from post-punk, metal and noise rock to electro-pop, hip hop/rap, EDM/electronica, Folk, Instrumental and just about everything else on our #IndependentMusic Worldwide Spotify playlist. Updated every day. 1 Upgrade (feat. Navé Monjo) – Gucci Mane 2 Border Country – Underworld 3 Radio – Ty Segall...

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