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Electronic Symphonic Composer Chris Ianuzzi Collaborates With New York City Artists for Dystopian “Hello” Music Video

Electronic Symphonic Composer Chris Ianuzzi Collaborates With NYC Artists for Dystopian “Hello” Music Video “Hello” will be featured on Chris’s “Planetaria” album due for release June 15, 2020. Chris Ianuzzi‘s new music video for “Hello” is the result of a fresh collaboration with fellow New York-based creatives D. Carlton Bright (videographer) and Max Rosenthal (artist). The project was conceived and completed while...

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Bands with Heavy Nirvana Influence

Noise rock, Punk, Alternative, Indie and Grunge bands who fans of Nirvana should enjoy. As someone well-versed in Nirvana’s music and rock music in general, these choices are curated so please enjoy and get into some new bands! USA Nails – Creative Industries – Creative Industries Post Death Soundtrack – Dark Matter – It Will...

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Deerhunter’s new, “Monomania,” is a square fitting into circle speakers

Warning: Monomania by Deerhunter is not the album to listen to in the wake of a ratty hangover. It’s abrasive, snot-nosed, manic-depressive rock and as noisy as a traffic jam. There are few moments of calm. Your neighbors will not appreciate you blasting it, but their well- being is not of your concern and neither...

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