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Fall 2020 Album Preview: The Best Albums Heading Your Way This Fall

Fall 2020 Album Preview: The Best Albums Heading Your Way This Fall “Prepare for an onslaught of creative output!!”. That was the shred of positivity thrown around by music industry observers when the pandemic hit and artists were plucked from their tour buses and forced to stay at home and let their minds wander. This...

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Who Says There’s No Good Music Anymore? Here Are The 50 Best Albums of the 2010’s

Anyone who quips that there’s no good music anymore needs to open up and let it in. Music is more daring, experimental and free than ever, and the artists who fearlessly explore are often rewarded with appreciation from the music loving community. From edgy late-in-life releases like Bowie’s ‘blackstar’ to mind-expanding opuses like Kamasi Washington’s...

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Russian Circles live

State of the Industry Address

State of the Industry Address: Taking a look at the music industry and counter-culture as we head into another decade. by Jon C. Ireson Where are we now? Where…are…we…now? I’m Jon Ireson and this is to be a “State of the Industry” address, taking a look at where music is as we are about to...

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Triumph and Tribulation with Pallbearer

Out of the silence lurches a melancholy chord. Then suddenly another. Their is a sense of sorrow communicated in just those few notes that has you wondering what this band is on about anyway. Suddenly a pedal is pressed, the distortion roars and you find yourself lost in crushing melodies, soaring vocals and triumphant riffs...

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