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pewee in the garage

Zayad Hassan creates healing, ambient electronic music

Zayad Hassan is an electronic artist from Bangladesh who has already achieved some substantial success – his debut album entitled “Spirit” sold over 5,000 copies and he currently has over 8,000 Facebook fans. That’s something most indie artists only dream about. His work has a dreamlike, natural “healing” quality and it definitely ranks amongst the...

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Interview With Pewee In The Garage

Today I spoke with the brilliant and innovative electronic solo artist Pewee In The Garage, who I reviewed recently. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Tell us about Pewee In The Garage and what you bring to the table. Pewee In The Garage (PITG) is a bedroom musician, one woman band, and a music producer wannabe...

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Pewee In The Garage Creates Angelic Soundscapes

Pewee In The Garage is a unique solo project from Jakarta, Indonesia – all the work of one woman who uses music as an escape from her daily life. The results are surprisingly good on tracks such as “Menage a Quatre”, where the groove soothes and the vocals sound like early Massive Attack on tracks...

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