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phil collins

Phil Collins Classic Re-Imagined by Jenn Vix With Vernon Reid

Phil Collins Classic Re-Imagined by Jenn Vix With Vernon Reid Jenn Vix brings her formidable charisma and resounding vocal talents to timeless classic “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, an emotional rollercoaster featuring legendary Vernon Reid of Living Color fame on guitar, with Kweenbass playing bass. Jenn shares her inspiration behind choosing the Phil Collins masterwork, and why it means so much...

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Victory Garden take on classic cover with Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

Among the most unlikely and potentially hazardous covers to choose, I’d say, is “In The Air Tonight”, the classic hit by Phil Collins. Indiana indie/alternative group Victory Garden recently took on the challenge, with quite epic results, mixing pounding, progressive drum work and Hendrix-infused lead guitar parts. The vocals steadily get more and more intense...

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Singer Songwriter JJ Crowne Discusses “Songs of Innocence and Experience”

JJ Crowne is a soulful adult contemporary singer/songwriter from Miami, Florida with philosophical lyrics and inspired storytelling. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, JJ. Congrats on the release of your new album “Songs of Innocence & Experience”. Now, you played everything on the release. Do you have a home studio where you do all this? It...

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