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Piqued Jacks

Interview with Piqued Jacks

I recently had the chance to sit down with pop-rock luminaries Piqued Jacks. In our twenty minute interview I found these young Italians to be fun rock and rollers who really know what they’re on about. In the interview we discuss their lives and music in depth, getting a better grasp at what defines the...

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Review of Piqued Jacks new Singles

I’ve only had this computer for a couple of weeks, already it’s starting to screw with me. I’m trying to download tracks for a record that seems genuinely interesting, and yet here I am, stuck in the stone age (or is it the stoned age?) a slave to a shoddy internet connection. But what about...

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The cranks and gears of Piqued Jacks’ “Just A Machine”

Just A Machine, the newest EP from Piqued Jacks, opens with the quick crack of a distorted egg. What then dribbles out is the yolk of six fluctuating industrial rock songs that leave the listener scrambled. The title and opening track starts with a patient riff that falls right off a cliff. When it lands...

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