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Indie Music Worldwide features the best new music on Spotify.

Indie Music Worldwide: The Best New Music on Spotify [July]

Indie Music Worldwide: The Best New Music on Spotify [July]   We try to keep on top of what’s happening in the underground and beyond through our constantly updating Indie Music Worldwide Spotify playlist. As of July 5th, 2020, below are the artists and tracks featured on our most popular playlist where we featured the...

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Happy Freuds Bring Thoughtful Folk and Electric Fuzz Worship on Balanced “Echo of Sounds” Album

Javea, Spain-based quartet Happy Freuds do a wonderful job of balancing both sides of their musical personality. On one hand, they do more than dabble in the loud electric soundscapes, playing fuzzed out riffs that wouldn’t sound out of place on a late 70’s metal record. On the other hand, they maintain a fascination with...

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#IndependentMusic Worldwide. A Music Discovery playlist by indiemusicpromo on Spotify.

Independent Music Worldwide – New Additions to our Music Discovery Playlist on Spotify

Here’s our latest update of Independent Music Worldwide, our curated music discovery playlist on Spotify dedicated to the Underground stream. 1 Say the Words – May Devun 2 I Scream – Hope 3 Lonely Ocean – Galapaghost 4 Siren – Resurrection Fern 5 Lost on Me – Seneko 6 Coming from the Dirt – RuudAwakening...

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Rising Rapper J'Moris

The Best New Rap, Trap and Hip Hop – Our Music Discovery Playlist on Spotify

Follow our Curated Rap, Trap and Hip Hop Spotify playlist and play us on shuffle! We introduce high quality unsigned artists to listeners alongside major acts. Hear Future, Freddie Gibbs and Gucci Mane next to rising stars like J’Moris and Young Goats. 1 Black Power – Ant Tha Giant 2 Lucid – Cw Allen 3...

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Singer Songwriters with Depth – Our New Music Discovery Playlist on Spotify

Find the best new artists on ‘Singer Songwriters with Depth’ – Our New Music Discovery Playlist on Spotify. 1 Lopsided Gyre – Eric Anders 2 Barren Land – Tanya Gallagher 3 I Want You – Patrick Ames 4 T’aint Nobody’s Business – /fyo?o?/ 5 I Walk Alone – Michael P Cullen 6 Callin’ of the...

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Lord Sonny the Unifier's "FINAL NOTICE!" album is featured on I.M.P's Best Rock playlist. Cover art by Soulfire Design.

The Best New Rock Music with Depth on Spotify

We’ve been busy curating playlists of the best bands, major and underground, into a cohesive music discovery experience. Check out our ‘The Best New Rock Music with Depth’ playlist on Spotify and find a new favorite band! 1 Sober – TOOL 2 School – Live At The Paramount/1991 – Nirvana 3 Dirty Shirt – Metz...

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Independent Music Worldwide - a music discovery playlist curated by Independent Music Promotions

Independent Music Worldwide – The Best New Music on Spotify (Current Playlist)

The Best New Music on Spotify – current playlist below. Are you in tune with the Underground? The best #independentmusic worldwide. Discover the best independent, self-made music from across the globe. From ambient to folk, pop, punk, metal & hip hop. Follow, share and play on Shuffle! Pictured: Jane in Space Listen here. 1 Stone...

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J'Moris 'KOTH' EP cover art

Independent Music Worldwide Playlist May 23rd

Listen to #IndependentMusic Worldwide on Spotify. Ball J’Moris Colorful Dreams ALYA How Do I Love Thee Matt Warren Take On Me Krigar√® Nocturnal Signal Jeads First in Space Lord Sonny the Unifier High Stakes Joan Torres’s All Is Fused The Flaw You Worship Saul Williams Hiraeth Teeth Of The Sea All I Have Leon Seti...

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The Best New Rock Music with Depth

The Best New Rock Music Playlist 04/28/2019

General Maynyrd Band – Trouble Is My Business – The General Maynyrd Band – 00:04:32 The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Easily Charmed by Fools – Easily Charmed by Fools – 00:05:10 Daggerplay – Red Sky – Subterranean Reality – 00:02:17 Glassjaw – bastille day – Material Control – 00:02:22 Post Death Soundtrack – Bridge Burner...

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Independent Music Promotions Playlist on Spotify

We’re constantly curating the music picks on our #IndependentMusic Worldwide playlist on Spotify. Genres covered range from electro pop and alternative to hip hop and doom metal and everything in between. If it’s good and it’s independent (label or artist), we’ll consider it. And you’ll most certainly be streamed alongside some other very awesome and...

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A Skeptic’s Guide To The Beatles; An Ultimate Playlist

My parents were never big music fans. Their music listening was typically limited to top 40 and greatest hits albums. So it’s in this context that I repeatedly heard “Twist & Shout” and “She Loves You” repeatedly on Friday evenings. Sure, it was all quite alright, but of course there was instant resistance in me...

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