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Music Composer BJ Sam Releases “Show Some Love” for Global Solidarity with Ukraine

Music Composer BJ Sam Releases “Show Some Love” for Global Solidarity with Ukraine We’re very pleased to support a music composer who speaks out, reaches out, and does something positive in the face of the Ukraine war. As fighting in Ukraine intensifies, luminary music composer, BJ Sam, has assembled over 23 exceptionally gifted artists, music...

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Calm TF Down Internet: Ice Cube Isn’t Endorsing Trump – Read ‘A Contract With Black America’

It’s unfortunate that we’re publishing this in such a context, as the original story about Ice Cube and his Contract With Black America was supposed to be just that: a look at the proposal the activist and rapper-turned movie star-turned activist again has been pushing and why it’s important. Unfortunately, the internet got Ice Cube...

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Your Logo Is Hurting You

by MATT BACON > A big part of my job when setting up a tour is picking other bands to tour with, and picking bands to act as local openers. This usually involves a lot of time being spent navigating various forums and databases in order to figure out which bands might be worth asking...

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When Your Main Dude Sucks

by MATT BACON > So earlier this month I wrote an article about the “Main dude” in a band and how that can impact band dynamics. It got quite a bit of traction, especially, I noticed, among main dudes from bands across the world. However, a question that got raised by several friends of mine...

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Dealing With The Main Dude In Indie Bands

One thing that I’ve seen a lot of bands struggle with is the phenomenon of there being a ‘main dude’. You might try to disavow this, saying that in your band everyone participates equally in writing songs, invests equally financially and the band has all main roles doled out so that you all put in...

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Politics And Your Indie Band

by MATT BACON > One of the most important things that your band needs to realize when working with a label, a manager or anyone of importance is that these people are going to be utilitarians. Your band is ultimately just a chess piece to many industry people. It’s a whole game that’s frankly kind...

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Why Industry People Don’t Trust Artists

Man, this is a big one, and also a pretty depressing one. Just my cup of tea! Long story short – there is a reason industry people don’t trust musicians, and a reason industry people will tell you ‘all musicians are the same’ and that “bands don’t know what they are doing” It’s not just...

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