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Pop Singer Songwriter Shihori Takes Us On a “Soul Trip” to a Higher Frequency on Melodic New Single

Pop Singer Songwriter Shihori Takes Us On a “Soul Trip” to a Higher Frequency on Melodic New Single Visionary NYC-based Pop Singer Songwriter Shihori’s new single “Soul Trip”, out Sept 4th, carries a profound message for our chaotic and challenging times. Pulling from her unique life experience, Shihori shows the way to de-stress when faced with negativity and self-retreat to a higher...

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New York Musician Les Techno Releases Lockdown-Inspired Post-Punk Single “Flowers For Dystopia” via Solid Bass Records

New York Musician Les Techno Releases Lockdown-Inspired Post-Punk Single “Flowers For Dystopia” via Solid Bass Records We’re pleased to perhaps re-introduce you to one of I.M.P’s favorite artists. Les Techno. Purveyor of cool, subversive Pop, with one foot planted in a post-apocalyptic David Lynch future, and the other securely in heady post-punk and gothy 80’s...

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Essential New Music: SONI Brings Rebel Angst and Soulful Hooks on Debut Single “Happy to Serve”, Out Now via Buttercuts Records

BUTTERCUTS RECORDS PRESENTS SONI’S DEBUT SINGLE “HAPPY TO SERVE” FEATURING REBEL ACA, TAKEN FROM FORTHCOMING EP REBEL STAR Self-described as a ‘corner shop girl singing of freedom’, SONI is preparing for two single releases due May 15 and June 19, 2020, as well as a 3-song EP on July 24 via London’s Buttercuts Records. Born in the UK...

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London alternative soul pop band Magazine Gap. Left to right: keyboardist Alex Ho, vocalist & guitarist James Keen, drummer Brian McCook.

London Alternative Pop Soul Band Magazine Gap Show Songwriting Discipline on Lean, Uplifting Single “For the Ride”

London Alternative Pop Soul Trio Magazine Gap‘s new single “For the Ride” is an impressive perspective shift from the norm. Musically, it’s rather minimalist throughout, allowing each element it’s due space. While most artists are content to max out the space, it takes songwriting discipline to showcase the lean muscle, aka drums, keys, bass, guitar...

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Adult Contemporary Pop Rocker Rob Alexander Shines on Positive, Piano-Driven New Album “Being Myself”

We’re very pleased to introduce you to a new full-length release from South Florida-based independent adult contemporary pop/rock musician Rob Alexander entitled Being Myself. “Baby, I’m on trial for being myself…” Rob’s signature sound is largely piano-driven, with big, crooning vocals. The album contains earnest, melodically driven songs, full of catchy hooks and sing along choruses. These...

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Russian Circles live

State of the Industry Address

State of the Industry Address: Taking a look at the music industry and counter-culture as we head into another decade. by Jon C. Ireson Where are we now? Where…are…we…now? I’m Jon Ireson and this is to be a “State of the Industry” address, taking a look at where music is as we are about to...

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Voices from the Underground - Spotify New Hip Hop Roundup

Voices from the Underground – Spotify New Hip Hop Roundup

  We keep our ears fully open to the voices from the underground, new, edgy & experimental music from all corners of the globe and all persuasions. Check out the latest new Hip Hop/Rap releases and recommendations, both singles and albums, below. Spotify curators, add these find artists to your playlists! All these artists are...

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Independent Music Worldwide on Spotify. A Music Discovery Playlist.

#IndependentMusic Worldwide Spotify Playlist – The Best Underground Music on Spotify – June 2019

Are you in tune with the underground? The best #independentmusic worldwide can be found on our curated Spotify playlist. Independent, self-made music from across the globe. From experimental and ambient to pop, metal & hip hop, we’re more focused on passion and art than genre. Follow our Spotify playlist, share and play on Shuffle! Track...

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CALVERT Brings Powerhouse Vocals and Pro Collaborations on New EP “This Beautiful Life” Vol 1

NYC’s pop/dance champion and acclaimed performer CALVERT unleashes a steady stream of inspiration on energized debut EP “This Beautiful Life, Vol. 1”, described as a ‘true labor of love’by the artist. Helping CALVERT bring this release to us are Jonathan Mendelsohn (producer, writer), Jamey Ray (arranger, orchestrator, producer), Alex Psaroudakis (mastering) and Pablo St Martin (mixing). “Wanna Be” is a cover...

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Is Pop Punk The New Rock and Roll?

This week I was lucky enough to see the State Champs and Neck Deep co-headlining world tour twice. It was a very interesting experience and not just because the musicians were great and a lot of fun to watch. These shows showed me a world I never really got to partake in. It reminded me...

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6 Greatest Publicity Stunts in Music History

With social media a key component in any musician’s publicity-filled arsenal in the 21st century, a lot of emphasis is placed on ensuring no artist succumbs to the many dangers of the internet. However, publicity stunts have been around for decades, and music has provided a tonne of memorable moments, here are some of them....

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