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Vagrant Beat/Zapano split EP review

Noise rock/post-hardcore bands Vagrant Beat and Zapano have quite a focused attack plan on their 2012 split EP available at Bandcamp. With precise bursts of noise and a joyful sense of abandon and mischief, both groups should impress fans of Botch, Drive like Jehu, Refused, Fugazi, Torche, and Future of the Left. Vagrant Beat really...

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These City Limits mix alternative and hardcore on “Stars Align”

Unique vocals and a catchy blend of post-hardcore and alternative rock make for a surprisingly enjoyable listen on “Stars Align” by These City Limits. An Indianapolis rock quartet, the music has just the right amount of dissonance to serve as a hypnotic accompaniment for Randy Vanderbilt’s distinctly unique vocals…a quality that is definitely needed in...

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