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New Textures For the Old Ceremony: The Foo Fighters’ tight new rock ‘n’ roll record.

New Textures For the Old Ceremony: The Foo Fighters’ tight new rock ‘n’ roll record. With a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nomination and a slot in the Presidential Inauguration that was both expected and lauded, there are a lot of miles and years between the fatherly Foo Fighters of now and the scrappy...

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Oderus of GWAR

It Started With GWAR: Multiple Petitions Spring up to Replace Torn Down Statues With Popular Music Figures

  [metaslider id=14750] It Started With GWAR: Multiple Petitions Spring up to Replace Torn Down Statues With Popular Music Figures Last week the collateral damage from the country-wide protests in the US over George Floyd’s murder took an interesting turn. As part of the protests, statues in multiple cities that many considered to be landmarks...

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Who’s In a Bunker? An IMP Playlist for a Pandemic

We’ve all got one thing on our minds right now and whether your thoughts are on the life-threatening potential of the coronavirus or the economic devastation it is about to wreak or the thousand other correlated effects we’re going to experience; disease, death and global change are surging through the collective consciousness. Artists have always...

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Prince on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

Has Prince revolutionized the way artists market their music?

This time last week in a little flat in East London, something magical was in the works; the return of pop legend Prince. The 55-year-old had previously dropped hints of holding a press conference in his friend and fellow musician, Lianne La Havas’ residence. Well come February 5th, he’d done just that, allowing just a...

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Janelle Monae’s “Electric Lady” Is Like Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”, Only With Great Vocals

Picture Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”, but with no autotune, vocoder, robot voices, or Pharrell. Instead, over those beautifully produced disco/funk beats and arrangements, place one of the great vocalists of our time there, and you’ll have an idea of what to except from Janelle Monae’s new album “The Electric Lady”. Janelle Monae, since discovering...

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Exclusive Interview with Dashboard Madonna

Many bands embrace multiple genres, but few do it as seamlessly as pop/funk/rock/chill band Dashboard Madonna, who I had the chance to exclusively interview recently. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions! One thing I noticed and enjoyed about your sound is that it’s a genuine fusion. I hear Morcheeba-type chill/trip hop sounds, Sheryl Crow’s rock n’...

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Prince fans will love Saoul

Reminding me of the great funk/pop icon Prince, Nevada-based solo artist Saoul really hits the mark with his new album “Autopilot”, playing every instrument and taking care of all the vocals. Trust me, I know that a lot of artists self-produce, but this is what I would call intensely impressive. The grooves are funkier than...

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R & B icon Curtis Hairston’s music is remembered and celebrated

It’s always a great loss when a talented musician dies, especially one as gifted as the powerhouse R & B vocalist Curtis Hairston. His voice is pitch perfect and overflowing with soul, and it makes you wonder what he could have achieved had he been able to keep making music. Curtis’s work reminds you of...

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One man band Manolis Moumouzias creates pop masterpiece on his own terms

“I Know”, the newest single by solo artist and self-proclaimed “one man band” Manolis Moumouzias is much better than you’d expect, and much better than it should be. The only reason I say this is because, in general, expectations of independent artists tend to be low, and expectations of solo artists who post Youtube videos...

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