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Shawna Virago Discusses the Powerful Influence of Seminal Los Angeles Punk Band X

Shawna Virago Discusses the Powerful Influence of Seminal Los Angeles Punk Band X Acclaimed Transgender Folk Punk/Alt Country Singer Songwriter Shawna Virago ( has been releasing finely crafted, lyrically potent music for years. Always bubbling just beneath the surface of her compositions is the unbridled spirit, rawness and rage of punk rock, expressed by one...

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Brooklyn Psych Rock Artist Lord Sonny the Unifier To Release Rousing “(All My Friends Live) Underground” Single Sept 25

Brooklyn Psych Rock Artist Lord Sonny the Unifier To Release Rousing “(All My Friends Live) Underground” Single Sept 25 Brooklyn Psych Rock Artist Lord Sonny the Unifier has returned with the first new music since his debut full-length “FINAL NOTICE!” (2019), and boy does he sound revitalized. The first of 4 singles to-be-released on upcoming ‘All New Information’ EP,...

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Legendary Canadian Punk Rocker Bif Naked Is Back, Emerging Victorious In New “JIM” Music Video

All hail the Queen. Canadian punk rock icon, writer, cancer survivor, humanitarian and everywoman Bif Naked is back with a rousing new single, one whose lyrics tell a universal tale. JIM is the first single to be released from the forthcoming studio album CHAMPION. It is accompanied by a Doug Fury-directed music video that features a blazing performance from...

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Activist Punk Rock Heroes Pussy Riot to Embark on 2020 North American Tour

Activist punk rock heroes Pussy Riot have announced a Spring 2020 tour spanning much of North America. Prepare to have your collective minds blown; this is a band who have exemplified taking meaningful chances and making art that is truly dangerous. The 2020 tour launches March 13th in Los Angeles. Other destinations include Portland, Vancouver,...

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REFUSED Release “War Music”. Some Bands Just Want to Watch the World Burn.

Swedish hardcore punk legends REFUSED have released their long-awaited new album “War Music” October 18, 2020 via Spinefarm Records. The album was produced by Martin Ehrencrona. So what can be said about it? It’s hard to say. What can be said about a boot stomping on a human face forever? If you’ve been through enough...

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The All New Know Nothings artwork by Shaun Friesen soulfire design

Biker Psychedelia Rocker Lord Sonny the Unifier Asks Where the Real Power Is in “The All New Know Nothings” Official Music Video

We last featured Brooklyn-based alt rock biker psychedelia artist Lord Sonny the Unifier as he was releasing his full-length album “FINAL NOTICE!“. Along with the album itself, which is packed with inspired heavily by Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Space Rock and Rock and Roll, keeping the underlying punk ethos intact and strong the whole way...

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Indie Band Live Albums

by MATT BACON > Live albums are back in fashion. For a long time they had been a relic of the past, but lately it seems like everybody and their brother has been putting out live records. Never more than this past year have I had so many live albums come to me for review....

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Deciphering The Live Greatness of Conan

Conan – now there’s a band name that inspires a a wealth of emotion in fans across the world. Having only just completed their first US trek (On which I saw them twice) I still haven’t entirely recovered from the experience the band provides. Given that I also them twice when I was living in...

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Journeys In Hellfest Day 3: Controlling The Flames

Hellfest, that legendary European festival that has taken the world by storm and won the hearts of countless musicians and fans across the globe. For the 150 bands playing and hundreds of thousands of fans at the festival journeying to the small French village of Clisson and uncovering the strangely sublime hellscape that the festival...

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Surviving in The Music Industry – What It Takes and How Not To Screw Up

This article functions as the culmination of a couple of other pieces I’ve written on how to make it in the music industry and get some degree of success (And maybe even money) It also stems from a recent conversation I had with my old friend Scooby, who, I will admit is partially my friend...

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Elder – The future of heavy rock?

I remember the first time I saw Elder, I was a drunk teenager who just wanted to party with his doom metal friends. I listened to Dead Roots Stirring and their eponymous debut, Elder before the show and I remember being surprised that a band who were at times borderline instrumental and so ‘out there’...

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