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Shawna Virago to Perform at Utah Transgender Pride Festival This Weekend, a Virtual Event presented by Genderbands

Shawna Virago to Perform at Utah Transgender Pride Festival This Weekend, a Virtual Event presented by Genderbands Celebrated folk punk singer songwriter Shawna Virago will be performing this weekend for a special virtual event. “I’ll be playing twang filled folk punk at this event, where all genders are welcome.” News from Genderbands below: Genderbands is...

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Mr. Bungle Return With Extremely Timely Cover of The Exploited’s politically-charged anthem, “USA”

Mr. Bungle are back with a timely cover of one of their shared influences, uncompromising punks The Exploited and their song “USA”. Info below from the band’s Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds from this track will go to MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund through July 4th: Buy the limited-edition t-shirt until July 4th by visiting our...

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Essential New Music: Transgender Music Pioneer Shawna Virago Plugs In, Rocks Out On Electrified “Heaven Sent Delinquent” Single and Video

Essential New Music: Transgender Music Pioneer Shawna Virago Plugs In, Rocks Out On Electrified “Heaven Sent Delinquent” Single and Video TRANSGENDER MUSIC PIONEER and cult solo acoustic artist Shawna Virago has released her latest single, an electric version of her song ‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’ (Tranimal Records). Available at CDBaby, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon mp3, Spotify and SoundCloud. ‘Heaven...

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Experimental noise drone project Emerald Suspension's new EP Eruptions.

“Eruptions” by Emerald Suspension is Fun and Terrifying

Minneapolis-based experimental project Emerald Suspension revel in the realm of the strange on new EP release “Eruptions”, but is it oddly satisfying or will it merely satisfy the odd? It just may hit both marks. Blending electronica, punk aesthetic, noise, drone, industrial and plenty of surprises from the kitchen sink, E S are at home...

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New Music Friday – Essential New Artists for the True Music Connoisseur

It’s New Music Friday again, and there’s a plethora of essential new artists for all you music connoisseurs out there. Below we’ll outline our curated recommendations. Most of these picks are included on our Independent Music Worldwide playlist. Hope – Red Man Find something more powerful than this for me. Don’t worry. I’ll wait….it’s just...

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PUNK Docuseries on EPIX

Is the new “PUNK” TV Series Worth Watching? YES. If You Get Punk.

For someone like myself who grew up with a healthy respect and understanding, affinity even, with punk music, the inclusivity of punk scenes, the roaring passion from the artists, their fearlessness in performance, intelligence in expression, birthing of social movements, the wild, charismatic characters…it was a thrill to hear the words and see footage of...

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Bands with Heavy Nirvana Influence

Noise rock, Punk, Alternative, Indie and Grunge bands who fans of Nirvana should enjoy. As someone well-versed in Nirvana’s music and rock music in general, these choices are curated so please enjoy and get into some new bands! USA Nails – Creative Industries – Creative Industries Post Death Soundtrack – Dark Matter – It Will...

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Finding Salvation By Chilling Out

There are very few true ‘tricks’ to surviving in the music industry. I mean as soon as you can accept crippling poverty you are pretty much set. That being said, something that I’ve been realizing I’ve been getting a lot better at (and thus profiting from) has been mellowing out. This isn’t my pretentious way...

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Is Pop Punk The New Rock and Roll?

This week I was lucky enough to see the State Champs and Neck Deep co-headlining world tour twice. It was a very interesting experience and not just because the musicians were great and a lot of fun to watch. These shows showed me a world I never really got to partake in. It reminded me...

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What Indie Bands Don’t Understand About Branding On Social Media

Branding on social media is crucial to your bands success – it’s just a pity that so few bands understand what it is and how to do it well. While it might seem initially easy to put together your brand on a social media page, it’s clearly a lot more complicated than it looks since...

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Satan’s Satyrs and the Power of Rock and Roll

I remember when I first saw Satan’s Satyrs. I was a teenager – young and in love, going to shows every weekend and simply soaking up the vibes. I was utterly enamored (And still am) with Almost Famous and wondered what band could be my Stillwater. When I saw Satan’s Satyrs explode onto the stage with Thumper’s...

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Young Derbyshire band aiming to be next bright act from the East Midlands

The East Midlands is a pretty fruitful region in terms of music nowadays. Leicester has Kasabian, Nottingham Jake Bugg, Indiana and Sleaford Mods, but Derby? Not a lot comes from Derby. That’s not to say there isn’t a thriving music culture in the city, one of 2015’s biggest breakthrough act Slaves put part of their...

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