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Payola And You – Why Radio Isn’t Working For Independent Artists

If you’re reading this you’re probably, at least to some degree, a ‘music person’ so you probably already know about payola, the practice of labels and promoters paying radio stations to play the music they are tasked with working with. The term gets its name the famous 1959-1960 Congressional Payola Investigations that brought broadcast legends...

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You’re Not Radio Friendly (And That’s Okay)

Radio play is one of those weird things that doesn’t really impact the modern industry but looks really amazing on your musicians resume. Billboard has basically come out and said that radio play doesn’t impact album sales – but if it didn’t profit artists to some degree, then labels wouldn’t be pouring millions into it...

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Small Words enter UK rock scene with “Play Me Off”

Small Words are a 5-piece independent rock band from Halifax, UK. Their latest offering “Play Me Off”, is a surprisingly soulful ballad with themes of disillusionment and isolation. My kind of music(What does that say about me exactly?)! While the musicianship and production both could use some extra sheen, this is indie music, and it...

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