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Don’t Be A Hothead! A Primer

Here’s one of the key things that I’ve noticed a lot of bands struggle with that ruins their careers almost right off the bat every time. It’s not being able to control their emotions. This impacts every single aspect of your music career, not just the relationships it sours but the bad press it generates...

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Name 5 Record Labels – I Dare You!

Here’s a new litmus test I’ve been using in order to help bands determine if they have reasonable goals to develop themselves within their scene. It’s an easy one too. If you can’t name 5 record labels who would realistically pick your band or a band like yours up for your next record assuming everything...

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Defining Expectations And Reading Contracts

So I just saw a pretty major band that I used to manage broke up. And they broke up because the singer decided to be whiny and was upset that even though his band had only really been touring for two years and was getting cool record deals he still felt he wasn’t where he...

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Creating Facebook Advertisements – What Are They And Why do They Matter?

Oof – this is a hard one and one that I think haunts a lot of people trying to get somewhere substantial in the music industry. It’s the sort of thing that a lot of bands end up being confused by and thus don’t even bother with at all. This is problematic because you kind...

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Why Reunion Tours Matter And What They Mean For You

Something I see a lot of bands complaining about is how a lot of the energies of industry people tend to go into legacy acts and reunions. Now I totally get that, its a hard thing to be a band grinding it out on the road and then see some group of old dudes reunite...

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Facebook, Music Streaming And You

So there’s this thing going around the internet lately about how Facebook is starting to deal with record labels and how they are trying to purchase rights to massive swathes of music in order to start funneling even more content through what is probably the most used website in the world that isn’t named Google...

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Goddamn Small Royalties

by MATT BACON> There’s a lot of articles out there about  labels ripping you off. Or how it is all set up in a way that very much dicks over artists and how folks who engage in it are unrepentant assholes. There are also a lot of articles outlining how a record deal works and...

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Spotting Fake Record Labels

by MATT BACON > So one thing that I’ve seen happen to tons of bands that I work with is differentiating between real and bogus record deals. Every day dozens, if not hundreds of bands think they’ve finally made the big time and end up signing a record deal that hurts their reputations, makes them...

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What Every Record Label REALLY Wants

There are certain fundamental truths in the music industry that I can guarantee will really free up your thinking. One of these truths that changed my entire strategy for developing bands is this: Every big independent label is trying to be bought by a major. I mean maybe not every one. I’m sure there is...

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