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How I (And Other A&R People) Sign Bands

So… with regards to getting your band signed there’s a lot that goes into it- but at the same time there is a very short process when it comes down to me deciding if your band is going to be worth signing. As an A&R guy, and generally a dude in the music industry for...

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Record Labels And Artistic Frustrations

Record labels are frequently kind of grumpy. After all – they are supposed to work with entitled artists, that’s going to be an issue no matter what your relationship to them is. While I discussed before why this makes you less likely to get signed I also want to take some time to go into...

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Record Labels And Brand Affiliation – A Primer

Record labels these days probably are almost never going to offer you an advance, nor are they going to offer you an exceptional percentage on royalties to make up for it. Of course, they can help you pay for merch and getting CD’s out, but even that isn’t that exceptional these days, when more musicians...

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What Your Band Should Expect From Your First Record Label

With a lot of the bands I handle one of the things I have to focus on is managing expectations. I guess this makes sense – there’s a lot involved here and depending on your awareness of the scene and your place in it, we should be able to figure out where each and every...

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Op-Ed: On Century Media being bought by Sony

As some of our more metal-savvy readers may know, Century Media was recently bought by Sony records for a cool $17 million. It was a deal that had been rumored at for months but with fairly minimal details reaching the public asides from a few small  interview pieces with Century Media owner Robert Kampf. Given...

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