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How To Promote A Show (Without Pissing A Million People Off)

I know that this blog is primarily band focused, but given how viral the article I wrote last week about what bands can do to promote their local shows went I wanted to focus on the things that makes your show a banger, or at least make the bands not feel like you totally screwed...

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The Scourge Of Wannabe Tastemakers

So here’s something people don’t think about a lot or at least don’t think about in the right terms, and that’s wannabe tastemakers. You might not be sure what I’m talking about, at least initially but you will. It’s the dude who is constantly on Facebook sharing bands but who seems to simultaneously alienate everyone,...

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An Open Letter To Unsigned Bands

Dear Unsigned Band, I don’t think I can care anymore. Trust me. I tried. I wrote about all your shows. Covered your mediocre records. Showed up early to watch you perform a crappy set using your buddy Jake’s kit. I even told you your band was pretty good. It was fun for a while, I felt...

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