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scott walker

Top 5 Albums to Scare Your Neighbors With

It’s the end of October and the ghosts are marching two by two. Faces are appearing in trees. Black cats are eating dead rats in the alleys. Halloween is almost here and no one can be safe from a sudden heart-stopping scare. Proceed with caution. Be prepared. Have at the ready something loud to frighten off...

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Richard Kapp brings chamber pop to the mainstream

One of our exclusive’s today is with Vienna singer/songwriter Richard Kapp, whose band Richard Kapp & The Gowns have found success playing their own brand of “surprising chamber pop”. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Richard. Your music is quite unique. What inspired you to walk the less-beaten path with your original brand of “chamber pop”?...

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Jon Prophet Preaches To The Rock N Roll Choir

Recently I had the chance to speak with a very driven artist who has crafted his own intelligent and unique brand of rock n’ roll. In fact, he seems to share some of the same inclusive ideas as my own on the subject. I’m excited to introduce you to an artist you’ll no doubt be...

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