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How To Promote A Show (Without Pissing A Million People Off)

I know that this blog is primarily band focused, but given how viral the article I wrote last week about what bands can do to promote their local shows went I wanted to focus on the things that makes your show a banger, or at least make the bands not feel like you totally screwed...

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How To Promote Your Local Bands Upcoming Shows

So here’s something direct and clear I haven’t fully dug in too and which a lot of bands need help with – how and when to promote their shows. When it comes down to it, you want to do a good job promoting your shows because even if your promoter is a “Total bro, bro”...

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12 Promoter Theory

12 promoter theory is a tricky thing, but also what I have based a lot of my tour booking experience around especially for lower level bands. It is the belief that it is much better for your band to do weekend dates every other weekend within 250 miles or so of your home town rather...

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The End Of Warped Tour And The Future Of The Concert Industry

So Warped tour is ending and this is a larger symptom of a huge problem the industry is going to be facing in the next few years. In the interview where he dropped the bomb, Warped tour founder said, “We were doing fine, but we had a pretty big dip last year. It was that...

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Why Your Band Needs To Promote Shows

by MATT BACON > Hey, so there’s a secret to getting to play all of the cool shows in your local scene and endearing yourself to that long haired mustachioed local promoter who seems to be putting on most of the cool shows. It’s the one thing you can do in order to make sure...

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