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Lockdown Get-Down Week 5: Festivals Continue Online To Keep the Summer Bright

[metaslider id=14386] Lockdown Get-Down Week 5: Festivals Continue Online To Keep the Summer Bright Well, it’s officially festival season but most of the world is, unfortunately, still in quarantine season. But for a few possibilities in Europe, projections in the US say huge gatherings may not get going again until fall 2021. While no actual...

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Skrillex; YAY or NAY?

It feels like the artist known as Skrillex, a.k.a Sonny Moore, has been around for AGES. The oft-hated, maligned dubstep pioneer has been on the scene for a good four years or so, without a solid, traditional LP release to boot. Instead the American put out lots and lots of EPs to the world, that...

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Drop Em City Records Brings The Hard Hitting Beats

Drop Em City Records focus on intense and hard hitting hip hop, dubstep, electronic and industrial music with live freestyle beat production and visual performance art. They’re one of the first collectives to mix industrial and hip hop so well – the tracks I listened to on their website sounded like an exciting blend of...

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Exclusive Interview with Israeli Dubstep Master Shayning

The insanely popular Israeli dubstep/electronic artist Shayning is our interview subject today. He gave me his insights into everything from the rise of dubstep to the extremely viral spreading of his music (that’s what this blog is all about). Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Shayning, and congrats on your over 1.6 million views on Youtube....

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