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Sludge Metal

Thou Release Pummeling Nirvana Covers Album “Blessings Of The Highest Order” Via Robotic Empire Records

Thou Release Pummeling Nirvana Covers Album “Blessings Of The Highest Order” Via Robotic Empire Records Thou have long been an influential force in the underground metal community, and their love for Nirvana is no secret. Thankfully, they’ve now compiled a whopping 16 Nirvana covers onto a new full-length album entitled “Blessing Of The Highest Order”,...

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Portland Doom Metal Group Alltar Release Dark, Destructive “Hallowed” EP

Portland doom metal newcomers Alltar plod along ever so slowly, methodically, building atmosphere and intention with every note. There is a real majesty in that. The whole band are in complete sync, uniting on heady, hypnotic riffs and pummeling rhythms while vocalist extraordinaire Juan Carlos Caceres shifts with ease between crooning and wailing like a...

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Saturday at Psycho Las Vegas – Turn Round Quick

I woke from my secular haze and stumbled into the haunting Las Vegas morning. I had passed out at 6 in the morning on a couch the night before and wondered why my whole body hurt. Maybe standing in the sun for days on end with minimal sleep isn’t good for you – who would...

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Day 2 Of Hellfest: Watch The Flames Burn Higher and Higher

Day two of Hellfest saw me wake up with the first traces of festival plague. I had developed something of hack overnight – I would be wheezing far more than I would like this particular Saturday. Of course – by this point the festival was in full swing. Some of my friends had gotten laid,...

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Day One Of Hellfest: The Survival Fires

Ah day one of Hellfest. The air smells of infinite possibility. Maybe we’ll get to sleep with a rock star this year. Maybe we can avoid the mud that plagued the festival all weekend (We definitely couldn’t) maybe we will get so earth shatteringly drunk that we won’t remember inevitably throwing up all over EVERYTHING....

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Triumph and Tribulation with Pallbearer

Out of the silence lurches a melancholy chord. Then suddenly another. Their is a sense of sorrow communicated in just those few notes that has you wondering what this band is on about anyway. Suddenly a pedal is pressed, the distortion roars and you find yourself lost in crushing melodies, soaring vocals and triumphant riffs...

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Subrosa logo on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

SubRosa: Revealing our humanity through doom metal

For all you know is a heap of broken images – T.S. Eliot Roaring down the highway, just over the speed limit with enough illicit substances in the car to get the driver booked for at least a couple of months, this sounds like as good a place as any to start my story about...

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This is Hardcore 2014 on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

Cracking Skulls at This Is Hardcore Festival: Day 1

This Is Hardcore Festival 2014, the first metal festival I have ever been to where I didn’t have full press credentials, or any sort of guaranteed backstage access. I knew I could get interviews, but I would have a motherfucker of a time handling it. What kind of madness would overcome me, would I be...

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