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smashing pumpkins

Alternative Metal Project International Furlough Release “Haven”

Alternative Metal Project International Furlough Release “Haven” Denver-based Alternative Metal Solo Project International Furlough have announced the release of a hard-hitting, 90’s influenced new single “Haven”. The new single is characterized by heavy lyrical themes, snarling melodic vocals, relentless, de-tuned guitar riffage and pummeling, groove-heavy beats. International Furlough is the musical alias and voice box of multi-instrumentalist and cathartic...

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The Smashing Pumpkins to Tour North America This Fall with Jane’s Addiction

The Smashing Pumpkins to Tour North America This Fall with Jane’s Addiction The Smashing Pumpkins have announced a fall North American tour. The Spirit on Fire Tour features dates in October and November with Jane’s Addiction and Poppy. Luckily, we will be attending the Vancouver show at Rogers Arena on November 11. “XYU” alone will...

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UK Rockers Black Circles Release “Playing Games” Music Video Featuring Animated Bears

Hailing from Kent, UK, independent alternative rock group Black Circles come suited up with loud guitars and good song structure on their new single “Playing Games”. The trio is certainly solid, taking cues from bands like the Foo Fighters, early Smashing Pumpkins, and the power pop genre. The band teamed up with Iluzija Animation Studio for...

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Victory Garden take on classic cover with Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

Among the most unlikely and potentially hazardous covers to choose, I’d say, is “In The Air Tonight”, the classic hit by Phil Collins. Indiana indie/alternative group Victory Garden recently took on the challenge, with quite epic results, mixing pounding, progressive drum work and Hendrix-infused lead guitar parts. The vocals steadily get more and more intense...

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Victory Garden – What’s Left Behind EP Review (For fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse)

Victory Garden are a refreshingly colourful and somewhat dramatic acoustic/alternative band from Crownpoint, Illinois, who may just be appearing at the right time given 2012’s tendency to favour the more artistic side of the musical coin. Taking their influence from renowned cult acts like Modest Mouse and Local H as well as the iconic 90’s...

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The Goldenhearts – Is There Love On Mars? CD Review

“Always remember to be kind. They’ll cut off your head to get to your mind” – The Goldenhearts So go the opening lines of the heavily Beatles-inspired track “Star” by alternative rock band the Goldenhearts. Led by front man Roger Rocha, who you may recognize from his work as former guitarist for the cult favourite...

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Chicago band Northpilot bring prog pop to the masses

If you’re looking for some new progressive yet catchy material, like Porcupine Tree mixed with, say, Coldplay, I’d suggest Chicago 5-piece “prog pop” band Northpilot, who were suggested to me by a friend of mine, Rick Dante from the excellent progressive music website Dante Prog. I always like to hear artists who actually take effort to...

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