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Dario Plevnik Alights TikTok with Meditative Acoustic Guitar

Dario Plevnik Alights TikTok with Meditative Acoustic Guitar Eli Jace features acoustic guitar virtuoso Dario Plevnik. TikTok is not just a vehicle for Kurt Cobain nostalgia, or some place to discover which Cars character you’re most likely to marry. The popular app has slowly turned into an interconnected worldwide open mic, and some musicians are...

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How to make your music go viral

How To Make Your Music Go Viral

How To Make Your Music Go Viral Every wondered how to make your music go viral? J Bettridge has some thoughts to share on the matter in this guest post. If cultural resonance is what you seek, you need to start putting your music out there. Taylor Swift didn’t become a global sensation by simply...

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Why Independent Musicians Should Not Always Trust Companies Who Solicit Via Instagram or Facebook

Why Independent Musicians Should Not Always Trust Companies Who Solicit Via Instagram or Facebook Important thought for the Holidays: Musicians are being targeted at an unprecedented rate via direct message on social media as well as email. It’s quite saddening. If you receive a message that says ‘I found your music in X place, enjoyed...

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Building Awareness For Your Band With Social Media Ads And More

So I sat down with a friend today and we started talking about band promotion and social media ads. As you might guess this is something that happens to me a lot. A lot a lot. One thing we talked about that I feel very passionately about is the importance of placing engagement far above...

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Content, Conversations and Conversations as Content

One of the most important things you can do as an individual in this scene is focus on creating a broad variety of content. This is not just on a band level but on a personal level. We are living in a period where your personal brand and your bands brand are conflated. Where if...

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New Wave and your Indie Band

New Wave and your Indie Band I’m reading this book Talking To Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield and it got me really thinking about the power of new wave and the long term effects that it has had on the music industry and what we could learn from these artists. There was something...

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Visuals and Your Band

So, visuals. This is one of the big ones. This is one of the ones a lot of wannabe players don’t seem able to understand. We are going to break this down nice and simple for y’all though with the goal of pulling the pieces back together. The visual aesthetic should be the centerpiece of...

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Thoughts on Instagram Promotion for your DIY Band

Something people are always asking me about is how to expand and enhance their Instagram followings. This is symptomatic of Instagrams recent boom, not just in popularity but also in engagement. With half a billion users, most of them young, this is the next generation of smartphone friendly and highly visual social media. I know...

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On Native Content And DIY Music

Ok – this is going to be one of those articles where I talk a specific facet of social media that you don’t want to have to think about and which a lot of you are going to be pissy with me about. This is an article on the importance of native content. Native content...

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Social Media Hacks, The First Part Of Many

One of the things that I’ve sort of been focusing on lately has been social media hacks that get my projects a little more traction and raise the profile of the bands and people I am affiliated with. These are things that occasionally violate basic marketing principles but mean that we can all have more...

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Using Facebook Groups To Your Advantage

Using your own Facebook group to promote yourself isn’t the only way to grow your brand with the function. In fact – early on, it’s probably wisest to start to build your name by being active in other peoples Facebook groups. These can range from anything from genre specific groups to ones run by other...

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Big Data and Your Band

So, the data thing. I know we’re all up in arms about it but I’m not entirely sure why. I thought we all knew that this was happening? I thought we all knew that this world was impossibly fucked once we started leaking all of our data to other people? And like – the thing...

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