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Vancouver Post-Punks Celebrity Warship Culture Release “Recreational Everything” Album

Vancouver Post-Punks Celebrity Warship Culture Release “Recreational Everything” Album Vancouver-based post-punk/experimental rock group Celebrity Warship Culture have announced the release of new album “Recreational Everything”, due for independent release September 10, 2021. Taking inspirational cues from noise-positive artists like Sonic Youth, Joy Division, The National, Nirvana and Viagra Boys, Celebrity Warship Culture‘s sound ‘ranges from soothing to provocative and everything...

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Thurston Moor Picture on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

The Rock & Roll Trance of Thurston Moore

The noise surrounding Thurston Moore’s surprising split from Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon has finally reached its highest decibel and faded out. What now remains is a collection of pure-hearted rock and roll songs from Moore. His fourth solo album, The Best Day, serves as his first artistic insight into his current mindset and lovelife...

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The Problem With Band Biographies

The following article is an excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus”. Many independent artists struggle with biographies, and it’s no wonder. For many artists, they know that they haven’t “done anything” yet, so they feel the best option is to over-compensate. This is not the case. Think of reading a biography as an equivalent experience to meeting someone....

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Deerhunter’s new, “Monomania,” is a square fitting into circle speakers

Warning: Monomania by Deerhunter is not the album to listen to in the wake of a ratty hangover. It’s abrasive, snot-nosed, manic-depressive rock and as noisy as a traffic jam. There are few moments of calm. Your neighbors will not appreciate you blasting it, but their well- being is not of your concern and neither...

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Our Bandcamp Roundup Gets Psychedelic, Indie And Downright Strange

At Independent Music Promotions, we’re always on the lookout for the best in music with depth spanning all genres. You’d be surprised how difficult that task can be. There are millions of artists out there making sounds to be sure, but only a small portion letting their hearts speak. Give me anything from death metal...

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The Goldenhearts – Is There Love On Mars? CD Review

“Always remember to be kind. They’ll cut off your head to get to your mind” – The Goldenhearts So go the opening lines of the heavily Beatles-inspired track “Star” by alternative rock band the Goldenhearts. Led by front man Roger Rocha, who you may recognize from his work as former guitarist for the cult favourite...

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The Flying Black Hats break your 4-track with “Soft Song”

Starting off with muddy, dreamy guitars slightly reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Julia” (I say slightly because The Beatles are sacred), indie acoustic act The Flying Black Hats play “Soft Song” the way I’d like to hear more music played. It’s the band’s most popular song even though it was recorded on a broken 4-track. That...

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