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Indie Pop Band Vectralux Explore the Subconscious on “The Subtle Extravaganza”

Indie Pop Band Vectralux Explore the Subconscious on “The Subtle Extravaganza” Atlanta Indie Pop Band Vectralux read between the lines, reveling in the subtleties of human life on “The Subtle Extravaganza”, out April 28th on streaming platforms. This release thematically addresses the ever-changing flux of thought and emotion as a common, shared experience. Musically, “The Subtle Extravaganza” dances slyly through...

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Independent Music Worldwide - a music discovery playlist on Spotify

This Weeks Best New Music on Spotify

Tune in to the best new music spanning all genres, from post-punk, metal and noise rock to electro-pop, hip hop/rap, EDM/electronica, Folk, Instrumental and just about everything else on our #IndependentMusic Worldwide Spotify playlist. Updated every day. 1 Upgrade (feat. Navé Monjo) – Gucci Mane 2 Border Country – Underworld 3 Radio – Ty Segall...

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Erich Mrak photo taken by Smvrk

Toronto Pop Hip Hop Artist Erich Mrak Releases “Riptide” Single

We’re pleased to announce the latest single from Toronto-based Indie Pop/Hip Hop artist Erich Mrak. “Riptide” marks the 4th audio release of a 7 month campaign & is part of a 6 song EP which is being released as singles from January until July. Accompanying each single is an alternate rendition of each song performed “off...

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Independent Music Promotions Playlist on Spotify

We’re constantly curating the music picks on our #IndependentMusic Worldwide playlist on Spotify. Genres covered range from electro pop and alternative to hip hop and doom metal and everything in between. If it’s good and it’s independent (label or artist), we’ll consider it. And you’ll most certainly be streamed alongside some other very awesome and...

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What Facebooks Licensing Deal With UMG Means For Your Band

So it finally happened – Facebook set up a licensing deal with Universal Music and I’m sure that licensing deals with the other majors are soon to follow. They are going to finally get what they want , and if they really want have us all by the balls. This is going to make for...

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Blockchain Technology and your Indie Band

Blockchain technology is a big buzz word these days and a lot of people are saying that it’s going to revolutionize the industry. As Blockgeeks put it, “Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet and you...

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The Importance Of Playlisting

So playlisting, this is a big one, a hard one, and one that I think is going to define the future of the music industry. Playlisting is, simply put, the act of getting your music placed on playlists, usually on Spotify since that is the largest fully interactive streaming platform. With platforms like Apple Music...

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Facebook, Music Streaming And You

So there’s this thing going around the internet lately about how Facebook is starting to deal with record labels and how they are trying to purchase rights to massive swathes of music in order to start funneling even more content through what is probably the most used website in the world that isn’t named Google...

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Vinyl Sales Surpassed Revenue From Ad Based Streaming: Here’s What That Means For You

“Well, this is interesting” I thought as I quietly skimmed through the sure to be controversial Digital Music News article. Vinyl sales have outpaced sales from ad based streaming. This is frankly kind of amazing. I mean – it should be a little obvious too, but it’s an interesting result from the RIAA announcing their...

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Soundcloud Isn’t Going Anywhere – But Streaming Still Sucks

We’ve all seen the news, we’ve all had our collective panic, but don’t worry – Soundcloud isn’t going anywhere. I know that Fact Magazine report was concerning and I know that they are indeed losing money. But here’s the thing – music industry folks are – as usual – being needlessly alarmist. There is no...

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