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New Hip Hop from Tha Sleepwalkers “Sub-Conscience”

For one of the most innovate and infectious hip hop tracks you’re likely to hear all year, check out “Sub-Conscience” by Tha Sleep Walkers, with it’s hypnotic Eastern samples and sparse, well-thought out rhymes. Sounding inspired by acts like The Roots and Kanye West with a touch of Andre 3000, this is both smart and...

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Exclusive Interview With Dezyne, One Of Hip Hop’s Best Conscious Rappers

What’s my favourite part of maintaining this blog? More than anything else, it’s being able to promote artists that are truly great and truly deserve it. No, I’m not talking about you posers who play “industry music” and talk about the exact same things every other band of your genre talk about. I’m also not...

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Score A Point For Intelligent Hip Hop – Good Biz Drop “Sound Investment”

It’s always inspiring to hear intelligent hip hop artists who are more socially conscious than socially destructive in their expression. The album “Sound Investment” is hot off the press and comes to us from independent hip hop super duo Good Biz. Sitting within the “conscious hip hop” genre, MC’s KP and Bobbie Fine bring a...

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