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Thursday’s Mighty Return to the Nile Theater

By ELI JACE > In 2002 Thursday played the Nile Underground in Mesa, Arizona. It’s a cave of a basement, underneath the main Nile Theater venue. Then, the band’s second album Full Collapse had just been released on Victory. The video for the single, “Understanding In A Car Crash,” made MTV. The secret was out....

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I Was A Teenage Music Snob

“I don’t want to feel this way forever” At the switch of the centuries I can remember the early days of downloadable music. Songs would take full days, two, three, four. Single songs. The computer would heat and hum all night long. Single tracks would only give a taste, forcing you to spend money to own...

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"The Next Four Years" by United Nations

United Nations’ detonates on “The Next Four Years”

It’s been a tough Thursday for Geoff Rickly. It’s also been a tough Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since the overdo demise of his main thing Thursday, in 2011, luck hasn’t come too often. In the aftermath of Thursday Rickly worked in retail, lost a girlfriend, got robbed and toured houses behind the solo material he recorded...

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