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Defining Expectations And Reading Contracts

So I just saw a pretty major band that I used to manage broke up. And they broke up because the singer decided to be whiny and was upset that even though his band had only really been touring for two years and was getting cool record deals he still felt he wasn’t where he...

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12 Promoter Theory

12 promoter theory is a tricky thing, but also what I have based a lot of my tour booking experience around especially for lower level bands. It is the belief that it is much better for your band to do weekend dates every other weekend within 250 miles or so of your home town rather...

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The End Of Warped Tour And The Future Of The Concert Industry

So Warped tour is ending and this is a larger symptom of a huge problem the industry is going to be facing in the next few years. In the interview where he dropped the bomb, Warped tour founder said, “We were doing fine, but we had a pretty big dip last year. It was that...

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Indie Merch Strategies

by MATT BACON > There’s a lot to pick apart at your average merch booth. Every band has their own way of doing things, but some bands clearly do way better than their peers – even if they aren’t that much bigger. Obviously some of this relies on your ability to draw superfans and how...

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Ready To Tour? Really?

by MATT BACON > This is the first question that any band should be asking themselves at almost any stage of their career. Even major touring bands need to properly think this one out. There are a lot of times when you are not ready to tour, and that’s fine, you just need to accept...

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Touring: Alternative Markets

by MATT BACON > The more I tour and the more I book the more I realize some weird hidden secrets about the music industry and putting together shows. There are things that you only start to pick up over years of experience and hard earned observation. It’s part of why it’s important for you...

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Long Term Thinking In The Music Industry

The points I’m going to make in this article are going to seem super obvious to some of you and make literally no sense to others. That’s because I’m talking about putting others before yourself, and in the music industry of all places. You’re not going to read about this sort of thing going down...

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