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Electronic Rock Triumphs on Gem FM’s “Con Fusion”

Electronic Rock Triumphs on Gem FM’s “Con Fusion” Musical innovator Gem FM has announced the release of his 5th album a grand Electronic Rock affair entitled “Con Fusion”, scheduled for release on March 23, 2023. The album features 10 new original tracks that range from ethereal trance to pulsating beats. The new collection further expands project founder James...

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Electronic Rock Artist Gem FM Shines On Hypnotic, Groovy “Sonic Boom”

Electronic Rock Artist Gem FM Shines On Hypnotic, Groovy “Sonic Boom” Electronic Rock musician and producer Gem FM conjures a riveting, danceable original vision on his vibrant new album “Sonic Boom”, out October 21 on streaming platforms. This adventurous new collection finds the bold composer joyfully walking the line between electronica, trance and progressive rock sounds. Gem FM is the...

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Electronica Artist Dylan Tauber Features Ukrainian Vocalist on New Album Themed on Love, Resilience

Electronica Artist Dylan Tauber Features Ukrainian Vocalist on New Album Themed on Love, Resilience Prolific Electronica Visionary Dylan Tauber has announced his 14th album release containing some of his most uplifting, rhythmic and inspired work to date. Between dedicating the title track and album name to his girlfriend to collaborating with a singer from Ukraine during the height of...

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Innovation in Music Series – Juno Reactor Exclusive Interview

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our “Innovation in Music Series”, where I interview artists who have blazed a path for themselves by following their hearts and bringing something truly vital and original to the world. The first interview in the series was with progressive metal giants Animals As Leaders. Today’s interview is with an...

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Electronic music master Peter Westheimer dazzles with the surreal, spiritual “Tranzworld Express”

If you haven’t heard of Peter Westheimer yet, you soon will. This innovative Australian electronic artist/producer is a multi-instrumentalist who has found himself doing everything from playing keyboards in New Wave bands and playing violin in the Australian Youth Orchestra to working on television documentary soundtracks and feature films. “Dancing Hearts Orchestra”, from Peter’s newest...

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Exclusive Interview with Domino Grey – Electronic music for fans of Juno Reactor, Underworld

Electronic artist Domino Grey is most certainly a “child of rhythm”. This Long Island native has been building up a strong fanbase with his dance/electronic/club style that he infuses his own philosophy and emotionality in, much like cult heroes Juno Reactor and Underworld. We’re excited to have an exclusive interview with Domino. Among the topics...

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Vildrosen “Look at Life in the Grand Scheme of Things” Music Video

Daniel Wennermark Rosell wants us to look into the grand scheme of things, and I can’t find an objection for his sentiment. His ambient/trance electronic project called Vildrosen definitely has a revolutionary, spiritual focus to it, as becomes evident when listening to his extremely trippy track called “Look at Life in the Grand Scheme of...

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Exclusive interview with trance ambient masters Remergence

Remergence is a trance/ambient electronic duo (Karen Woodham, Jake Jones) from North Wales who have been creating and releasing music since 1997. As would be expected for a music career this long, there is a high amount of output and the work itself is fantastic. Inspired by acts like The Orbital, Sven Vath, Tangerine Dream,...

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Fans of Underworld and Chemical Brothers Will Love Chrisson

“I wish to shape the Universe in my hands.” – Chrisson Ambitious lyrics from an ambitious artist. Electronic artist Chrisson’s brand new EP “Reach” successfully blends a range of modern electronic influences such as dubstep, dance and trance while wearing his influences on his sleeve. Underworld, Infected Mushroom and Chemical Brothers as well as some...

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