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Indie Music Worldwide features the best new music on Spotify.

Indie Music Worldwide: The Best New Music on Spotify [July]

Indie Music Worldwide: The Best New Music on Spotify [July]   We try to keep on top of what’s happening in the underground and beyond through our constantly updating Indie Music Worldwide Spotify playlist. As of July 5th, 2020, below are the artists and tracks featured on our most popular playlist where we featured the...

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Coronavirus: The Best New Songs and Albums For Self-Isolation

As COVID19 has streamlined a powerful assault on just about every Earthen industry, we are forced to stay at home and pause aspects of our lives, and the mounting stresses are real. Constants are more important than ever right now. Art is a constant. Music is a constant. These can be created in isolation and their rich emotions can be experienced in isolation. Music being released during these hazy, unseemly times is without a doubt defiant. 

#IndependentMusic Worldwide. A Music Discovery playlist by indiemusicpromo on Spotify.

Independent Music Worldwide – New Additions to our Music Discovery Playlist on Spotify

Here’s our latest update of Independent Music Worldwide, our curated music discovery playlist on Spotify dedicated to the Underground stream. 1 Say the Words – May Devun 2 I Scream – Hope 3 Lonely Ocean – Galapaghost 4 Siren – Resurrection Fern 5 Lost on Me – Seneko 6 Coming from the Dirt – RuudAwakening...

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Independent Music Worldwide - a music discovery playlist curated by Independent Music Promotions

Independent Music Worldwide – The Best New Music on Spotify (Current Playlist)

The Best New Music on Spotify – current playlist below. Are you in tune with the Underground? The best #independentmusic worldwide. Discover the best independent, self-made music from across the globe. From ambient to folk, pop, punk, metal & hip hop. Follow, share and play on Shuffle! Pictured: Jane in Space Listen here. 1 Stone...

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New Wave and your Indie Band

New Wave and your Indie Band I’m reading this book Talking To Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield and it got me really thinking about the power of new wave and the long term effects that it has had on the music industry and what we could learn from these artists. There was something...

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