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Alternative Rock Artist Brainsqueezed Explores A.I. Themes in Music Video for Powerful New Song “My Fears in The Night”

Alternative Rock Artist Brainsqueezed Explores A.I. Themes in Music Video for Powerful New Song “My Fears in The Night” Brainsqueezed is a solo alternative rock/progressive rock project helmed by French musician Sébastien Laloue, whose relocation to Sydney, Australia in 2020 helped provide the inspiration for cinematic, multi-layered new album “I Am Not a Robot”, due for release August...

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J'Moris 'KOTH' EP cover art

Independent Music Worldwide Playlist May 23rd

Listen to #IndependentMusic Worldwide on Spotify. Ball J’Moris Colorful Dreams ALYA How Do I Love Thee Matt Warren Take On Me Krigarè Nocturnal Signal Jeads First in Space Lord Sonny the Unifier High Stakes Joan Torres’s All Is Fused The Flaw You Worship Saul Williams Hiraeth Teeth Of The Sea All I Have Leon Seti...

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Bands with Heavy Nirvana Influence

Noise rock, Punk, Alternative, Indie and Grunge bands who fans of Nirvana should enjoy. As someone well-versed in Nirvana’s music and rock music in general, these choices are curated so please enjoy and get into some new bands! USA Nails – Creative Industries – Creative Industries Post Death Soundtrack – Dark Matter – It Will...

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An Open Letter To Unsigned Bands

Dear Unsigned Band, I don’t think I can care anymore. Trust me. I tried. I wrote about all your shows. Covered your mediocre records. Showed up early to watch you perform a crappy set using your buddy Jake’s kit. I even told you your band was pretty good. It was fun for a while, I felt...

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Five Things That Make A Serial Concertgoer Wince At Your Concerts

I’m a serial concertgoer. I work full time in the music industry and part of this involves going to three to five shows in a week. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that I’ve seen over five hundred bands in the last calendar year – and yeah, I love it, but certain bits make...

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What Unsigned Bands Can Learn From Behemoth’s Promotional Photos

Unsigned bands often have trouble with a single area in their repertoire; promotional photos. After months of hard work recording an album, who wants to put any effort or funds into image? People should just recognize the music, right? Not so. Your image is a direct extension of your music, and if you can’t think...

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On Why Independent Musicians Should Ditch The Question “What Should I Do?”

“What Should I Do?” It’s the most common question asked by independent musicians, and it’s part of our culture in a major way, in every matter from spiritual growth to education. Artists often fail to recognize that they tend to follow the same guidelines and step unknowingly into the same traps as the general public,...

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The Forgotten Art Of Saying Hello, Spam In Today’s Music Industry

Has the simple act of saying hello been forgotten in the frantic act of getting from here to there in the music industry? Often, it’s the musicians who get a bad rap for spamming…sending unsolicited mp3’s and so forth. But the problem is industry wide. Everyone wants something, but very few of us are actually...

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