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Weezer make another album called Weezer

Somehow with each new album Weezer get more formulaic, but twice as weird. Their tenth album, self titled and deemed The White Album, is no different. If their self-titled debut, The Blue Album, was the classic and its follow-up, Pinkerton, was the deep fan favorite, then their third, also self-titled, The Green Album, would be the perfect blueprint with...

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Grace at Arms plays Springsteen inspired Rock and Roll

Sounding inspired by Bruce Springsteen and inspired by Foo Fighters musically, Grace at Arms is catchy rock and roll with a heart at it’s core. Sounding fresh even with the band’s old school leanings is no easy task, but it’s a dynamic that works simply because you can tell they’re passionate. Love it or hate...

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Ballroom Boxer plays rock n roll inspired by The Misfits and Weezer

Today’s exclusive is with rock n’ rollers Ballroom Boxer, who come complete with poppy hooks, old school punk influence and soaring harmonies. Like a cross between the Misfits and Weezer, their music is catchy and unique. Ballroom Boxer has a very melodic, old school approach to rock n’ roll. How did this approach develop form...

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Interview With Pop Punk Band Amuse

Welcome to Independent Music Promotions.Tell us about Amuse and what you bring to the table. Well we are a 3 piece punk/pop-punk band based out of Indiana and Tennessee. The biggest thing for Amuse is to make sure we are having fun with our band. Don’t get me wrong, we are very serious about always...

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