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Xiu Xiu

Top 5 Albums to Scare Your Neighbors With

It’s the end of October and the ghosts are marching two by two. Faces are appearing in trees. Black cats are eating dead rats in the alleys. Halloween is almost here and no one can be safe from a sudden heart-stopping scare. Proceed with caution. Be prepared. Have at the ready something loud to frighten off...

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Xiu Xiu Angel Gut Album Cover on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

The New Xiu Xiu Album is Hell (of course)

Godhead of Xiu Xiu, Jamie Stewart, wants to bang on your eardrums with whatever scrap metal he’s got lying around and moan, closely, in your ear while he does it. Angel Guts: Red Classroom, the group’s ninth, is a tortuous, carnal art-rock listening experience. The odd title is shared with the Japanese erotic film by...

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