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Below are an extensive range of Independent Music Promotions testimonials, both from our artist clients to music industry representatives and curators. We’re proud to share this feedback and happy to serve!

Testimonials - Phil Collen "I love the energy."
“I love the energy.”
Phil Collen | Sheffield, UK / Rock

“I’m amazed and thrilled at the diverse range of articles and reviews that you were able to procure. I love the energy that you’ve kept up during this whole process. It’s inspiring!”

Testimonials - Katrin the Thrill "Knowledge and passion."
“Knowledge and passion.”
Katrin the Thrill | Athens, Greece / Alternative Rock

“James is a true professional. He has the knowledge and the passion to create great results. I am really glad that we met and we are working together and I cannot thank him enough.”

"An impressive campaign."
“An impressive campaign.”
In the Light of Led Zeppelin | Florida / Rock

“James and IMP have exceeded my expectations and delivered an impressive campaign above and beyond anything I imagined. I am looking forward to working with them again and again. Thank you for all that you have done!”

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"Extremely effective."
“Extremely effective.”
Louis DeFino / Manager for Klassik | USA / Hip Hop

“IMP was able to customize a campaign and work collaboratively with Klassik and his team that was extremely effective in securing placements on major media publications from our releases to a targeted audience. James is very flexible and easy to work with and one of the most honest and reliable people you will find in the music industry.”

"They really do deliver!"
“They really do deliver!”
Seneca B | USA / Hip Hop Producer

“I didn’t really know what to expect from I.M.P. at first, but they really do deliver! They were everything I could have hoped for. The team itself is personalized and interested in helping you out as a musician regardless of your genre, and they do a great job at getting the word out and helping make your music known.”

"The end results are amazing."
“The end results are amazing.”
Chuckie Campbell | USA / Hip Hop

“I.M.P. works with a love and passion for the music that they expose to the world, carefully selecting artists who have something to say. I.M.P secures hard-to-find interviews, reviews, and features from publications that put unestablished artists alongside established, well-known acts. The end results are amazing and impressive.”

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"We can't thank him enough."
“We can’t thank him enough.”
The Vigilance Committee | New York / Indie

“James did an amazing job in warming us up to the entire PR process and earning our trust with his knowledge of the market. The positive reviews seemed to come pouring in almost right after he started working with us. Weeks later, we look back and can’t thank him enough for helping to give our music the kind of digital footprint we had been working for.”

"15K new ears."
“15K new ears.”
Lakefield | Vancouver / Indie

“James helped us to give our farewell album a sendoff to be remembered. He brought in over 15K new ears, from all over the world, for one last, sublime hurrah.”

"The press rolled in."
“The press rolled in.”
Audio Jane | USA / Indie

“We didn’t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised each week as the press rolled in. James was super encouraging and great to work with. The results of our promo package were way beyond what we expected and helped us tremendously with booking and establishing a web presence.”

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"Great reviews... well targeted."
“Great reviews… well targeted.”
Manilow | London, UK / Post-punk

“Thanks for doing such a great job for a very reasonable cost. This is exactly what Manilow needed to get some search buzz and, more importantly, some great reviews by interesting people who were well targeted.”

"More than satisfying."
“More than satisfying.”
EndAnd | New York / Punk

“It’s rare to find competence like James’s. The attention he gave EndAnd has been more than satisfying. We are musicians who have no inclination to take on the role of promoters…or advisors, managers and or A&R personal which James has been to us. We got more then we bargained for.”

"IMP did a superb job for us!"
“IMP did a superb job for us!”
Winter Calling | USA / Progressive Metal

“IMP did a superb job for us! It’s great to know that you are truly a promotions company that we can count on to deliver the goods.”

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"Far exceeded my expectations."
“Far exceeded my expectations.”
Blunda | Los Angeles / Pop

“When I was preparing the release of my second EP I was looking for a much different result and experience than I had with my first. Which was basically, no result at all! I found James Moore and he far exceeded my expectations. He knows the landscape of the media and blogs and understands what it’s like to be an independent artist in todays music biz.”

"Personable and professional."
“Personable and professional.”
Cali Blake | USA / Pop

“James @ IMP is personable, professional, and is rooting for you to make it happen.”

"James is in it with us."
“James is in it with us.”
Simon Adams | South Korea / Pop

“James promises much, and delivers more. It’s not just that the press comes in, but that there’s more than I expect. James’ contacts in the industry obviously respect his taste. I think James calls us artists comrades because that’s how we see him; he’s in it with us, and is willing to give counsel on your career, along with delivering great press results!”

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"Beyond an advocate."
“Beyond an advocate.”
The Devine Xperience | Los Angeles / EDM + Dubstep

“We know that we never would be where we are today without Independent Music Promotions. James is extremely professional, organized, and if you are lucky enough for him to accept your project, he is genuinely an advocate for your music on a level that is unheard of for a PR company in our experience.”

"Amazing results."
“Amazing results.”
Rooftop Runners | Berlin / Electronic

“When James Moore said that we would get more than we bargained for, we never thought is would be this good. James is highly professional, in regular contact, and really, really cares about the artists he works with. And to put the cherry on top he gets amazing results.”

"A company that values art."
“A company that values art.”
Goste | New York / Electronic

“It was refreshing to work with a company that values art and understands an artist’s priorities. My EP reached audiences I could have never reached on my own and James kept in close contact with me throughout the process. I would recommend I.M.P. to any independent artist trying to expand their audience.”

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"A little bit mind-blowing."
“A little bit mind-blowing.”
January Zero | USA / Folk Rock

“In a time when hype usually implies the opposite of what it promises, it’s refreshing a little bit mind-blowing to witness the results delivered by James Moore/IMP. It was surreal to see reviews start showing up, from serious news outlets and high profile media bloggers alike. After a single month we have a viability and an irrefutable public presence.”

"Skills are top notch."
“Skills are top notch.”
Andrew Goldring | USA / Folk

“James at I.M.P. did an incredible job of pitching my music. He delivered a large amount of press for me over a 6 week period, and really helped kickstart a new season of my career. His connections are solid and his communication skills are top notch.”

"Exceeded my expectations"
“Exceeded my expectations”
Darryl McCarty | Canada / Folk

“I had pretty high expectations when I originally talked with James about working my album. James exceeded those expectations…”

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"Worth every penny."
“Worth every penny.”
The Ill Funk Ensemble | New York / R&B + Soul

“James is the rare individual in the music business that does tremendous work and truly respects his clients. We highly recommend his services and his book to any musician with serious aspirations in music; both are worth every penny.”

"Thanks are not enough."
“Thanks are not enough.”
Elena Andujar | USA / Flamenco

“You will be assured of getting your music out to the people who review music for a living. I was truly blown away by the response. The results will push your music to the next level, make you feel like creating even more, and connect you to some of the most awesome people in the indie music world. Thanks would never be enough for all James and his team at Independent Music Promotions do for so many! Gracias!”

"Clear expectations."
“Clear expectations.”
Jared KF Jones | USA / R&B

“James and IMP know what they are doing. I have never worked with a PR company before, but I felt extremely comfortable having my first campaign managed by James because he gives you all the info upfront. He sets clear expectations and IMP has affordable PR campaigns for different phases of careers, and releases. I look forward to working with James and again on future releases.”

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"Self-evident proof."
“Self-evident proof.”
Dan Costa | Rio de Janeiro / Jazz + Classical

“A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with a promoter who said ‘Anyone who guarantees anything is not trustworthy’. James and his company are the self-evident proof that there are people who do indeed keep their promises in this industry.”

"More results and attention."
“More results and attention.”
Joan Torres’s All Is Fused | Puerto Rico / Modern Jazz

“Until I found Independent Music Promotions I spent many months contacting reviewers with little response. Once I delegated all of that hard work to James Moore, I was getting more results and attention faster than I had anticipated. I was even getting more calls to perform rather than making them. James can definitely get you results.”

"IMP is great."
“IMP is great.”
The Blue Project | USA / Jazz + Blues

“IMP has exposed The Blue Project to the ‘now crowd’ bringing this Blues project to today’s generation and today’s social media. IMP is great.”

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"So many good write ups."
“So many good write ups.”
Nehedar | New York / Singer Songwriter

“After self-releasing 4 albums with no real publicity follow up, I decided I needed to try something different for my 5th. Instead of doing all the work myself, this time I hired James Moore. I have had so many good write ups as a result of his campaign. I highly recommend his services for an independent musician who wants results.”

"Unreservedly recommended."
“Unreservedly recommended.”
The Workers | New York / Singer Songwriter

“James Moore has really proved to be an invaluable publicist for me. He’s knowledgeable, honest, hard working, and competitively priced. James doesn’t make exaggerated claims, like so many I’ve encountered in the music biz over the years. I would unreservedly recommend James Moore to any serious indie musician anytime.”

"The best decision we've made."
“The best decision we’ve made.”
CommonUnion59 | USA / Singer Songwriter

“We have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and traffic is way up on our website as a result. We cannot recommend James highly enough and are grateful for his expertise and dedication in getting every last review possible. We’re so glad we worked with him and plan to do so again for our next release!”

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"His efforts are unmatched."
“His efforts are unmatched.”
Donna Balancia | Journalist / California Rocker

“James Moore is one of the best promo guys in the business. His media relations efforts are unmatched as he works tirelessly with journalists in getting the best PR for his clients. We at truly appreciate him.”

"Everything you pay for."
“Everything you pay for.”
Shaine Freeman | Podcast Host / The Miews

“Trust me. You have my word. You’re going to get everything you pay for with this guy.”

“Connects music to audience.”
“Connects music to audience.”
Scott Alexander | Editor in Chief / ABORTmagazine

“IMP is so much more than the average PR company.
James Moore’s ability to connect the music of his clients
with their target audience, is simply second to none. We
have featured nearly every act he has brought to our
attention. IMP is for those who want to get noticed.”

"Maximum exposure."
“Maximum exposure.”
Adam Reifsteck | Label Owner/ Teknofonic Records

“Getting quality press coverage is difficult for any indie artist trying to promote themselves in an already crowded marketplace. James Moore really gets your music in front of the right people for maximum exposure. He exceeded my expectations, especially when he got me a feature in the Huffington Post!”

"Survive in the digital age.”
“Survive in the digital age.”
Joshua Smotherman | Middle Tennessee Music

“James lays the foundation that every indie DIY band needs to survive in the digital age.”

"His drive is contagious."
“His drive is contagious.”
Lizzy Evensen | Industry Professional / Artist View

“It speaks volumes about someone when they follow their passion. When it comes to James, his pursuit puts him in the background. He is behind the scenes working to help others realize their dreams. His vision and drive are contagious.”

"Your music to the masses."
“Your music to the masses.”
Michael Friedman | CEO / SKOPE Magazine

“James Moore will provide you with all of the tools to help get your music out to the masses.”

"James is spot-on."
“James is spot-on.”
David Andrew Wiebe | The Music Entrepreneur

“I think James is spot-on with his thoughts on what artists need to know and the mindset they need to adopt in order to be successful in today’s music industry.”

"IMP delivers."
“IMP delivers.”
Steve | Music Industry Blogger / Jabberdi

“I’m more then happy to recommend Independent Music Promotions to deliver on what they promise. What James Moore does is unique; he works with carefully chosen independent artists on a one-on-one format to music web sites, blogs and magazines that are well-respected.”

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