Texas Hip Hop Prodigy J’Moris Releases Four Essential New Singles

Hillsboro, Texas Hip Hop Prodigy J'Moris has upped the ante on an already highly prolific catalog by releasing 4 new singles.

Hillsboro, Texas Hip Hop Prodigy J’Moris has upped the ante on an already highly prolific catalog by releasing 4 new singles over the past 4 weeks. The tracks were recorded in his home studio and produced by SupaMario. J’Moris splits his focus evenly on these potent, beat-heavy releases. “She Knows” and “La La La” explore the artist’s charismatic persona as a bona fide ladies man. “Back In” and “In the Room” are undoubtedly hard-knuckled street anthems sure to excite any real hip hop heads. “Back In” finds him collaborating with Backend YounginCrunch and DB.

Texas hip hop prodigy J'Moris - Back In

It’s all strong vibes poured into a chilled glass by an artist in the throes of the almighty flow.

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About J’Moris

A suave ladies man, street-wise prodigy and multi-talented artist with immense dedication to the craft, Hillsboro, Texas Hip Hop artist J’Moris’s style is all realness. His style drips with heavyweight swagger and southern grit.

A self-dubbed ‘product of environment’, J’Moris has been drawn to music since he was a young boy. While battling the trials and tribulations of life, he’s always found music to be an unrivaled outlet of expression. During his college venture at Lamar University, Moris co-founded the organization Tru Misfitz. Continuing to maneuver more into the music industry, Moris found his southern influence played a heavy part in what he does, deeply embedded in his music and persona.
Hillsboro, Texas Hip Hop Prodigy J'Moris has upped the ante on an already highly prolific catalog by releasing 4 new singles.

Growing up in Fort Worth during the 90’s exposed Texas Hip Hop artist J’Moris to a lot growing up. The drugs, pimps & thugs flooded the streets.
“My family moved to Hillsboro, Texas, to try and get away, but to no avail. The crack epidemic consumed Hillsboro also. Watching my loved ones fall victim to the drugs or the streets, I felt he only had one choice. Use them both to My advantage & find a way out. My older brother, Crunch, looked out for me alot. He never wanted me in the streets but he also knew the outcome was inevitable. He showed me how to finesse the game more, how to be apart of the game but also be hands off.. Unseen.. The lessons he taught me molded me into who I am today and also gave me the opportunities to graduate high school. Something he, or my little brother J Hodge, never did.”

“I tell God to watch out for me while I chase the route of evil...” (from ‘Extra’)

J’Moris‘s no-holds-barred style is equal parts finesse and blunt force, inspired by hip hop greats and modern artists alike.

About the Music

J’Moris has released 5 EP’s, 7 singles, and a full-length album, Blac February (released Feb 7,2020), an autobiographical 15-track collection that flows like a classic. Moris followed up the success of Blac February by releasing 2 singles with accompanying music videos. “Blac Amerikkka” features fellow Hillsboro MC’s 254 Assassin and D. Hewitt. The track is a scathing indictment of racial inequality in the United States.

After “Blac Amerikkka”J’Moris released a double single featuring “Blac Love”, a poetic, confessional ode to black women everywhere. This was followed by the hard-hitting instant classic “Ball”. Next he announced the release of “Not For Everybody”. This double single featured boozy r&b love jam “Not For Everybody” and heavy hip hop banger “Special”. Moris followed up “Special” by collaborating with Artist Named Chi for the official video for new single “Activated”. The video found Moris paying tribute to the Friday movies and the iconic Steve Urkel character.

J’Moris’s latest album is his sophomore full-length album and ‘the most vibe-heavy release of 2022’ is “Moris Better: Loveless Confessions”. The album finds J’Moris showcasing versatility on the mic as he melodically croons while waxing emotional over R&B tracks, chilled, seductive downtempo gems and booming hip hop beats. J’Moris has continued his prolific output, each release upping his game and his investment into the game.

J’Moris has a range of custom merchandise available at his official website store. Mens and womens styles are available here: https://www.jmoris.com.

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