The Best and Most Eclectic New Music on Spotify

The Best and Most Eclectic New Music on Spotify

Seeking out the best new music is a constant necessity to keep my mind and spirit happy and inspired. To feed passion, the classics are extremely nutritious, but it’s equally important to expand your horizons and make time for new music on a regular basis. As a musician, this will take you outside your comfort zone and allow for new ideas to take shape.

My ‘Indie Music Worldwide‘ Spotify playlist is very eclectic, because I allow any style of music on it – anything I think is great. So I would encourage you to listen on shuffle to get the full effect of dynamic and surprise.

J’Moris – Back In
Mic Nickels – El Matador – O.P. Supa Remix
Lord Sonny the Unifier – Black Eye Blues
Todd Kowaluk – Enough is Enough
My Own Addiction – How the Story Goes
Brady Harris – Economy Of Sound
MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected) – Roadrunner
Dale Sheppard – She’s Sowing Time
Pat Guadagno – House of the Rising Sun
Chris Ianuzzi – Edge of Earth
Lyia Meta – As We Throw Caution To The Wind
Nick Coleman – Overtime
Sanjay Michael – Should Have Never Let You Go
Mel Monaco – Love Tides
Maarten Rischen – Serenity?
Gianfranco Pescetti – Fly Me to the Moon
The Last Optimist – only two ways out
Carry The Branches – We’re Not Coming Back
Rock Of Asia – Keep Yourself Alive
Marc-E – Before the Thought
Auroara Leigh – Emergence
Black Dog String Quartet – Dizzying View
LokkisKott – Deep Inside
gloom bug – Romance
Cormac O Caoimh – There Is a World
Adam Randy – Don’t Play
Lemon Knife – Cold Burn
Eric Anders – A Slow Movin’ Nightmare
Bill Godfrey – Hypnotized
International Furlough – Haven
Paul Maged – Crossroads
Bill Greenberg – Ukraine
Petty Human Emotions – I Want
Al Buchanan – Voices
Frank Clare – III. Apotheosis: L’Extase
Summer Houses – Winners Circle
Red Bird Rising – Ruby
Exchange Place – Sometimes She’s There
Saimöö – Rise
S. F. Incorporated – Nightmare
Patrick Ames – Somehow I’ll Find a Way
ADVIKA – Put Your Heart Away
Sam Bergquist – Do Things Different
Rocky Roberts & Friends – Wild Riders
Eric H. F. Law – Recreate
Cloud Opacity – Nothing Disappears
Wes McClintock – Falling
King Analog – Overdriver
Matangi Devi – Powerful Matangi Mantra
Skin On Flesh – Terrible and Sad
Mazze – Mysterium Fidei
Juniper Avenue – Everything Must Go
Caroline Brennan – Break All the Rules
Lemon Knife – Kirkwald in a Day
Vectralux – Dopamine
Mr Missy – Drink to the Future
Amelie Lucille – Mess
Mr. Grossman – Dreamdust (feat. Chana Matthews)
Apache Rose – Cabin Fever
Wayne Merdinger – American Dream
AC – Maybe you feel better tomorrow
Paul Feder – Home
breakk.away – I’ll See You When the Night Comes
The Marica Frequency – Stay in the Light
Emery Pulse – Heart Fulfilled
Judd Harris – Let You Know
Paul Supreme – Bet I
Vann’s Nebula – Teardrops
The Sky Paradise – Drifting The Ocean
Donnie Castle – Looping
MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected) – The Gorge
Kapable – Man Down
Lounge Sprouts – Park Bench
Assey – Storm City (Slowed)
Soul Tigre – Bella y Peligrosa
Ivan Almeida – Ophelia
Bulzara – Reacting to your Reaction
Gabi DeFeel – Feel Me
Lorelai Paige – Waiting
Aisling Atlantica – Árboles de Abril
SWiiMS – Call Me
MENARTA – Відчути небо
Soho Star – Die Young
Bisou Noir – The Great Unknown
Kite Thief – The Tide
Chanda Leigh – Let’s Go Green
Frank Clare – I. Vox Intus Omnia: Inceptus
Galatea Georgiou – Lying
Ryan Hwang – Pretty Girls
LUCKY THIEF – Spit on the Pavement
Rezin 47 – Letty
Ginger Giant – Postscript
DJ Skid – Paid In Full
Ndine Emma – Just Do
Montresor – Shake The Temple
Lord Vanger – Finally
Gobe – i feel fine when i watch the sunset with you.
Cristian Majolo – Eterno Romeo
The Young Hearts – Take A Ride
Anthony Zoanetti – Goodbye Monday
KillaHrtz – She Know’s – Radio Edit
Mrshamoozoo – Unfulfilled Nights
Zwerg – Jaredactyl (1980-1984)
Sky_A – Spider Silk
d1vrs – I Rise
Flight Take Charge – A Magical Story
Julian Homewood – Got No Trees Got No Soul
Courthouse – Appreciation of Music
Gem FM – You Killed Me
MC Nemesis – Tigress
Les Techno – Make You Feel Good Electro House Mix
The Ladderman – Sidestepping
Pure Order – Affinity
Seneko – Motus Est Magicae
Chandra – Pretty
David A – Fasting
Restless Mosaic – Sandbags on the Flood of My Insecurities
Post Death Soundtrack – Crumbs
Bad Sneakers – Soleism
Geoff Gibbons – Feet out the Window
Cosmopolis – Parasite
The Earthly Frames – My Worst Self
Doc City – When You Are Near
Modern Monsters – Road to Nowhere
Andrea Ward – Awake at Night
Get Out – 6 Feet Apart
Bel-la – Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back
Galactic Fuzz – Do What You Can
Ruby Topaz – You’re Still Running
Kate Fenner – My River
Globus – I’m Afraid Of Americans
Brynilde – Hecate
Zach Churchill – Surrender
3d the Boss – Heaven and Paradise
Killed by The Architects – God Complex
Blunda – Open
On the Boulevard Original Cast Concept Album – Youth Is Wasted on the Young
Andrew Ruoti – State of the World
Kaleigh – Situationship
Clare Easdown – I Break
Posable Action Figures – Sure

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