The Best New Indie Music Videos

When releasing indie music videos, one has to boil their creative ideas down to their essence, following a clear direction that works within budget and means. Often these are the most innovative and impressive visuals, mainly because the palette is slightly limited, making the core idea of paramount importance. Below are some of the best new music videos released by independent artists or labels eclectic enough to fit any music taste.

Indie Music Videos - She's Excited!
Still taken from She’s Excited! – “Add Clarity” indie music video by Erin Wajufos


Brooklyn-based indie electro artist and producer She’s Excited! is onto something multi-layered and visceral on new “Shock Therapy” EP, perfect for fans of Jehnny Beth, Kim Gordon, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin and David Bowie’s 90’s output. The official music video for lead track “Add Clarity” was done by the very talented Erin Wajufos.


Ottawa-based Experimental Electronic musician/producer Electric Treatment Free embraces multi-genre terrain on adventurous debut self-titled EP release, out now on digital platforms. Electric Treatment Free’s first release combines diverse musical techniques and genres to create an electroacoustic sound that is idiosyncratic yet readily accessible. Watch his new official music video for “Fort Smith” below.


Atlanta Health and Fitness Pop Trio 3D The Boss are an unstoppable force of nature on their superbly produced new album “Push It”, where they distill influences ranging from Janet Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire to Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande into a sleek, energetic signature sound. Don’t miss their fun official music video for title track “Push It” and get into the spirit!


Hillsboro,TX-based rapper and storyteller J’Moris has something for everyone on new double single, “Not For Everybody”, featuring boozy r&b/trap love jam “Not For Everybody” and heavy hip hop banger showcasing masterful hooks “Special”, out on May 14, 2021. Applying pressure while gliding over substantial beats, J’Moris is in rare form on this intense new release.


Florida-based Alternative/Grunge Rock band Blueanimal continue their march towards new full-length album “Figment That Was Me” (due June 4) with a 3rd single and accompanying music video entitled “What Does It All Mean”. The track sees Blueanimal once again in an introspective mode, seeking answers when none are clearly visible. Addressing mental illness is a key touchstone throughout the album, and this theme is colored with melody and a sense of light at the end of the tunnel on “What Does It All Mean”.

“What Does It All Mean” is the 6th song on the album. It marks the start of the ascent out of the darkness and the climb up from the bottom realized in our first single “Rock Bottom.” The work is about the realization that you’ve hit bottom and that the climb out is going to take you finding some meaning or purpose. This track represents the point in the character’s journey at which he realizes he was letting external forces determine his happiness. A pursuit that was doomed to fail in bringing the peace and validation he craves. For many people one of the many struggles with depression and mental wellness is the constant struggle to maintain a sense of peace and happiness the originates from within. It is very easy to let the outside world determine our happiness and leave us wondering “what does all this mean?” when we are left dissatisfied or feeling a lack of purpose. Many times it is only through the centering of happiness within ourselves that true happiness can be realized.”

SoulHop – 25 (FEAT. YOSHI)

Tampa, Florida-based R&B/Soul Collective SoulHop have put together a powerful new compilation album entitled “Afrodisiac Vol.1 SoulXperience”. This collection is overflowing with talent, thanks largely to it stemming from Afrodisiac Music‘s many self-produced live events such as Vibe Fest, which took place on May 8.

The first single to showcase SoulHop‘s dense, original production and musically layered approach is 25″, a slowburning groove featuring the powerful voice of rising singer Yoshi.


“Lost Souls” is taken from Kaleigh‘s debut full-length rock/alternative album “Predestined”, released March 5, 2021 on all platforms. Style-wise as well as lyrically, this album takes a brave leap from her prior pop leanings, one that Kaleigh credits to ‘coming of age’.

About the new music video:
“The narrative follows four young artists coming up in Hollywood who come together to finish a scavenger hunt to gain invitation to a private concert for their favorite band, Don’t Blink-192. When they finally arrive, we see the group as they were before their fame watching themselves perform onstage after gaining fame. It’s a very fun, trippy concept that was captured so beautifully by the director, Kevin Torres and the rest of Red 32 Productions team. The video really depicts the essence of the song, which is about chasing your dreams and persevering past setbacks.”

“The Lost Souls music video was such an amazing project to spearhead and be a part of. The team of young artists that came together to make my vision a reality were fantastic people to work with. Every individual who worked on this was a multi-talented, up-and-coming, industry professional to look out for.”


On bold new full-length album “Songs From the Briarpatch”, Nashville-based artist Will Jackson leans in to his loves of hometown Nashville, TN and Americana music. After gaining ground in the scene and playing over a thousand shows in Nashville, Will’s songwriting acumen and his appreciation for the genre both flourished. It’s this experience that led to his love letter to Heartland Rock, “Songs From the Briarpatch”.

“Songs From the Briarpatch” came into fruition after falling in love with the exploding Americana genre in Nashville TN. There’s a little corner of music that’s always inspired me; not too heavy, not too soft, great melodies, and most importantly a heavy emphasis on well written, thoughtful songwriting. After playing in various bands and trying to achieve this sound on a few projects, I feel that I’ve put out a release that truly reflects the artist that I am, and want to develop. I’m grateful for anyone who listens and resonates with these songs.

Watch the music video for “Good Enough” below.


Sydney-Australia-based Indie Alternative Pop artist Nick de la Hoyde needs little introduction, having established a strong international following while managing to stick to his guns creatively. The emotions Nick expresses in his music, whether his solo work or electronic group D.E.L, are clearly the result of deep self-reflection. New single “Stay By Me”, out today, is no different.

From the Artist:
“Sometimes it takes something unfortunate to happen for you to wake up and realise the love around you. I was guilty of taking things in life for granted and at my lowest moment it was so clear to me what mattered in life and what didn’t. Stay By Me is an uplifting track with a heap of energy that helped me lift out of that space. I wanted the guitars, drums and dreamy synths to elevate with my vocal and take the listener on a ride.” – Nick de la Hoyde

Musically, “Stay By Me” is uptempo and heavy on melody, with Nick’s vocals coaxing joy and hope out of the darkness.


Sydney, Australia-based Electronic Pop innovators D.E.L showcase a transcendent, melodic sound on powerful new single “Bloom”, continuing the trio’s decidedly artful, ambient musical direction. No doubt, two factors play a role in the bold new direction. Each musician is well-seasoned from past solo and band releases, and they’re all brothers. With “Bloom”, they’re making the music they want to make and using their collective wisdom to create a little magic.

From the Artist:
“Bloom blends a picture of both melancholy through its vocals and a feeling of hope through its pulsing, genre-bending instrumentation. Bloom aims to be both a nostalgic and thought provoking pop tune.

KasēoGems – DON’T GO

The new KasēoGems single is a sincere ballad for an insincere time.

Vancouver-based musical duo KasēoGems (singer songwriters Geoff Gibbons and Vicky Sjohall) second single together is a stirring, impeccably produced original song “Don’t Go”.

“Don’t Go” follows their cover of Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘I’m On Fire’.

The songs and videos for this project were all created remotely during these strange pandemic times. It is our hope you find a warm melancholy space inside the music and visuals.


Nonviolenze is the solo musical moniker of Houston, TX singer songwriter Shri Baratan, whose purposeful signature sound takes influence from Pink Floyd, John McLaughlin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Al Jarreau, Joni Mitchell, and eastern classical music.

Recently his new music video for “Matrix” was released. “Matrix” is taken from Nonviolenze’s ambitious debut album “Ghosts of War”, released on Oct 16.

About “Matrix”:
People live in a super complex matrix. In psychological boxes we exist as members of a nation, religion, class or profession. Born in a certain square in the matrix, migrating to another isn’t easy? The boundaries are closely guarded. The prosperous are territorial of their boundaries so are the religious protective of their beliefs.

To climb the pyramid and enter the circle at the pinnacle, one must endure the ruthless rat race. All eyes are on the fortune. Abundance in the hands of a few. Those at the top cozy together and guard the keys to the treasury. Perhaps, the most important thing to know is that – you are only where you think you are in the matrix, a mere prisoner of your own perception.


Istanbul-based Rock project BARISTA joyously blurs the lines between authentic classic rock, heavy prog, mystic alternative, bold world music and dense psychedelic vibrations on monumental new album ‘Open Sesame’, an album so expansive it is to be released in 5 volumes. Although they freely experiment in their music, all roads ultimately lead to ROCK for this visionary artist.

BARISTA is the moniker of Bahadır Han Eryılmaz, a musician who willfully embraces ‘naive enthusiasm’ while making music with purpose and emotion for the love of it. The tunes Han writes are heavily influenced by the stories of his own life and those of others, while also echoing musical inspiration from the likes of Toto, Journey, Supertramp, The Alan Parsons Project, and an array of Turkish folk tradition including Sufism. Above all, he is dedicated to bringing vibe back to music — it’s raw and liberating, authentic.

Han Eryilmaz describes how ‘Open Sesame’ came to fruition: 
Open Sesame‘ is the continuation of my two earlier albums published under the alias ‘Barista’ and titled ‘Daydream’ (2014) and ’57’ (2016). It is the product of 3 years of work. As of now, 39 songs have been recorded and I plan on featuring 26 of them in this album, releasing them in recurring volumes. The volumes will be organized in relation to the subgenres of the songs, or, like a TV series it can be spread out over time with several songs every 2 weeks or so.
For someone like me who doesn’t have any formal music training, becoming a musician past my youth creates mixed feelings, both familiar and unfamiliar. I think this new album is above the previous albums in terms of the sound. Regarding emotional content, I feel like I caught my first album Daydream’s naïve enthusiasm a bit. 

On the subject of writing multi-genre music, and releasing an ambitious 26-song album, Han says “I aimed at making music that is satisfying, multi-layered, with substance and detail. I strived for the lyrics to convey a theme, story, idea, or experience in unity, and to do so with prosody and harmony. These themes are more of individual inner worlds than pop culture. 
I am not targeting a specific audience or looking for tangible commercial success, all I want is for people to be aware of the existence of this album, and to promote it as much as possible. I am aware that it is not in compliance with the current trends and main music industry dynamics, but I also know there are many people like me out there with a taste in indie music and/or who miss hearing music with body.”

‘Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress’ contains the first 7 songs of the 26-song album. It will be released April 16, 2021 via Monoplay Records. Cover artwork was done by Blue Cafe Music

Watch one of their music videos below.


Ever heard of Goth Dance? How about Spooky Disco?
Portland-based group Dead Coyote come from a place of truly exciting originality, somewhere close to far left field, on terrifyingly fun new EP “APPARITIONATA”, released February 13, 2021. Most recently they have put together a 4 part music video, one for each song on the EP, released March 13, 2021.

“…a cyclical tale of a foolish ghost with a broken heart…”
APPARITIONATA: A Gothic Dance Poperetta

APPARITIONATA is a love letter to campy horror musicals of the likes of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom of the Paradise, and Little Shop of Horrors. It is equally sonically inspired by piano sonatas/concertos by Beethoven, as well as the works of contemporary composers such as Danny Elfman, Phillip Glass, and Wendy Carlos. All that stirred up with some BowieGaga, and Billy Idol (perchance with a pinch of Tears For Fears) just about completes the recipe.

Visually, the video is inspired by the aforementioned musicals with a heavy dose of late seventies/eighties horror—mainly Evil Dead 2, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, and The Shining. Overall, this is 4 music videos combined to create a mini-film.


Houston, TX-based project Beatnik Neon explore the vast realms of electronic music and so much more on full-length album “Yoreself”. Technically a duo made up of Nolan Farmer and Yann McBreton, they also feature several special guest collaborators on “Yoreself” to achieve the exciting crossover sound they were looking for.

Beatnik Neon’s uncompromising signature sound on“Yoreself” will have you travelling the darker recesses of the universal mind.

From the Artist:
Beatnik Neon is derived from pure emotion. Fit for the dark themed, but with no limits on genres.


In a time when many artists seek to project a kind of perfection through social media selfies and Tik Tok-ready happy sounds, Vancouver Roots Rock group New Yank Yorkies are singing about what’s more likely the reality on rollicking new single “Bring Back the Love”; the house is a mess. The laundry is getting unruly. The bills are piling up. You’re day drinking, thinking about the one that got away.

“Where is the love?”, vocalist/guitarist Geoff Gibbons asks, knowing very well it won’t be returning any time soon. If that may sound a bit dire, this downtempo, soulful groover has enough punch, sweetness and tongue-in-cheek humor to make it go down smooth.

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