The Best New Music of 2022 So Far

Best new music of 2022 - Cosmopolis's "Nixon-Manson"

The best new music of 2022 is curated for you below in the latest update of I.M.P’s ‘Indie Music Worldwide’ Spotify playlist. From experimental electronic and post-punk to dream pop, jazz fusion and progressive metal, we’ve got it all.

Featured Artists:

Cosmopolis – Nixon-Manson (read about “Nixon-Manson” here)
1st Base Runner – Near Me
Julia Pratt – Tried and True
J’Moris – Fall Thru
Spencer Elliott – Silver Maple
Vectralux – Hey!
Okami Three – Blue
Yuval Ron – Voice of Freedom (feat. Úyanga Bold)
Optacure – Stray
Stel Furet – 33 1/2
PORT NASIM – In the End
3d the Boss – Heaven and Paradise
Sincere Leone – Beyond All
Ono Kimono – Malibu
Arnab Sengupta – Face in the Crowd
Mint June – You’ll Like It
Aura Blaze – The Only One I Know
The Real J Israel – When You Need Love
Walking Apollo – Lovely People
J Ru – Throwin’ Jacks
Westrock – Welcome to the River
Ryan Costello – Darkness, get away from me
Chris Ianuzzi – Lonesome Highway Superstar
The Color of Cyan – Little Stars
Leadbetter Band – Snake Oil
Chawa Lilith – Dar Knight
The Happy Pill Academy – All Apologies – Happy Robot Band Edition
The Nylon Admirals – Butcher’s Hook
Flavour Nurse – Kickin’ Around
Beo String Quartet – Ghosts Revisited
Spencer Elliott – Torque
1st Base Runner – Man Overboard
Venus Blake – Tragedy
Perry – Baby Making Music
Ono Kimono – Fever Dream
J’Moris – Activated
Eric Anders – Far Gone
Ad Vanderveen – Over Time
Ryan Costello – Moon song
Chawa Lilith – Good Things
Aries Marquis – Ghost
J Ru – Undiscovered
1st Base Runner – WXW
Restless Mosaic – Swelter
Aura Blaze – Open-Mindedness
Toigo – We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken
The Color of Cyan – Inception
Noveliss – Feng Shui
Chawa Lilith – You Are Loved
Flavour Nurse – Majesty
Vectralux – Almost Whenever Now
Crossroad Saints – Ain’t Going Down Again
Walking Apollo – Glowing in the Dark
TK – Stacks
Les Techno – The Modern Twist
Jane Lacey – What happened?
Chained Lizard – ELECTRIC VIBES
1st Base Runner – Numbers
Sam McLeod – iwantu
Sundogs – Trip the Light
Kyle Chatham – Valentine
Vannon – Cold July
The Phantom Friends – Eternity
Chris Ianuzzi – Maze
Thorslund – Firecracker Man
Logan Cannon – Mindset
Trio Frito – Dialética
livdawg! – second thought
Jobbaloon – Baby Blue
The Mamas – Riding on the Bus
Sleepwalking – Pay No Attention
The Hip Abduction – Always
Tyla Ray – feelings
Apollo Zillion – Riot
Patrick Ames – Reawakened 2020
Vectralux – Hidden Days
The Color of Cyan – We Will Rise
Hasten Mercy – Star You Are
Restless Mosaic – There’s Much Left to Explore
The Ghosts of Searchlight – Beneath the Neon
1st Base Runner – Flux
The Happy Pill Academy – Violent Runtime
Rock Of Asia – Lal Dhaga
The Color of Cyan – Agape
Eric Anders – Stuck Inside
Leadbetter Band – Waterdogs
Post Death Soundtrack – Pathless Land (Lit Beacon)
Rock Of Asia – Belief
Chawa Lilith – Hava’s Love
Beo String Quartet – Ghost 4
Livingroom – Keeping Time
Patrick Ames – You Make Me Scream
Tawni Bias – Two Poodles One Cake
3d the Boss – Up On Your Way
Seneko – No Goin’ Back
Noveliss – Loss for Words
Crossroad Saints – Pride
Chris Ianuzzi – Hunger
Aura Blaze – The Summer Solstice
Celebrity Warship Culture – Recreational Everything
Chawa Lilith – Miracles
The Color of Cyan – The Day We Met
Beo String Quartet – Dancing
Brainsqueezed – Taking Lives
Shawna Virago – Highroad, No. 6
Tanuki Project – Dystopia
Ajay Mathur – Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence)
The Color of Cyan – Moon in Cancer
Drowning Effect – Bright Lights
Marc-E – Ethereal Glade
Blueanimal – Anyone But Me
Arktik Lake – Hombre
Dylan Tauber – Planet X
Venus Blake – Love we Lost
Pike vs The Automaton – Land
Restless Mosaic – Gyre
Sluka – Vye on Vyattav
Patrick Ames – Second Wave
Chawa Lilith – Bouncing
Delyn Grey – Set Me Free
Sines – Mechanical
Squanky Kong – Parade the Plastic Planet
Modern Monsters – Stay Free
Louise Aubrie – Home
Blake Red – This Reincarnation
Zack Oakley – Freedom Rock
Paul Feder – Desert Run
Peter Karroll – Coming Home
High Chair – Stargazer
Har’Monique – High Feelings
Brainsqueezed – Down Under
Sonic Fuel – Wild & Free
Beo String Quartet – Introspectre
Crossroad Saints – Legacy
Scotty Karate – Always Honey
Disaster Relief – Kalamatianós for Alexander
Blueanimal – This Side of Me
Killed by The Architects – I’m a Ghost
Venus Blake – Me and the Sea
Wooliebugger – Transmission 70
Elliot Cole – Five Easy Pieces: III. Scherzo
Serious Sam Barrett – Every Night Has an Ending
Jojo Picasso – Fire In The Night

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