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Independent Music on Indie Music Worldwide Spotify playlist

On Indie Music Worldwide, my most popular Spotify playlist, I highlight the best independent music spanning most subgenres. I feature everything from ambient electronica, alternative pop and hip hop to doom metal, post-punk and jazz. It’s an eclectic and strangely cohesive music discovery experience. Check out this playlist for the best independent music of 2023 (so far).

Indie Music Worldwide Playlist (March 3, 2023)

1st Base Runner – Night Stalker
J’Moris – Jump New
NTHNL – Our Secret
Chris Ianuzzi – Edge of Earth
Seneko – Sugartime
Red Bird Rising – My Revolution
Lord Sonny the Unifier – Don’t Be an Asshole
Trensettahs Sound System – La Fiebre
Kate Fenner – My River
Lamedd – Hunted
CJF Music – No Longer Exist
Dj Patsan – Come This Way
Get Out – 6 Feet Apart
What Strange Beasts – Scattered Skies
Emery Pulse – Heart Fulfilled
Reginiano – Time to Let Go
Globus – I’m Afraid Of Americans
Modern Monsters – Road to Nowhere
Ruby Topaz – You’re Still Running
Doc City – When You Are Near
Gem FM – Let’s Dance
Andrea Ward – Awake at Night
Erin Côté – Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Chris Ianuzzi – Silent Sea
Paul Lewis – Black
Patrick Ames – Dontchawanna
In Fear – Purest Fire
Eclipseye – Whap Clatter
Marty Thompson – Ruta Maya Moonshine
Katara Lofi – Just You and I
Jeremy Hines – Yellow Tape
1st Base Runner – In the Neighborhood
J’Moris – Ms B Nasty
Fabels – Minds
Mike Masch – Sanguine Return
rx1f – astronauts
Tysk Tysk Task – Contagion
Kelly Gates – The Streets Burn
Chanda Leigh – Let’s Go Green
Jenn Vix – Mr. Strange
Clemz – Questions
Inconsistent Me – Tail Lights
The Great Leslie – Can’t Touch
Austin Mulka – I’m Nobody, Who Are You!?
Jonathan Young – Eye of the Storm
TIGRIS – Dizzy in the Colours
Tyla Lee – Better Off
LYHE – Let’s Change the World
Joey Collins – Resist Nothing
EriKs Wine – In a Matter of Speaking
Gene Dante – She’s Outside
Bridget Artman – Running
Ava Adonia – Meet Me
Hundred Million Martians – Another Reason Why
Thomas Deed – New Star Rising
Post Death Soundtrack – Crumbs
Bel-la – Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back
Brynilde – Hecate
Seum Dero – Distance
Mr. Grossman – Any Takers
ANNA SCOTT – If I stay
o’six – night plans
Teyquil – Flashy
Inkakai – Drown
Nifer XO – Cold World
Caliban Strange – Shattered and Torn
In the Middle. – Brain Games
subcult – Alex’s Song
Jerry Of Everything – People Like Us
Course Control – Burning this World
Roxanne Chapelle – 6TEM
Wes Harman – Starless
Pharsalia – Ready Player One
Patrick Stark – I’ll Come Running
Cat and the Underdogs – Time’s Up
D.G. Adams – California’s Burning
Chris Harper – Hang My Heart Out
Beau Audio – Come on It’s You
Kara Silvestri – In The Stars
Raimytree – Move On
Bahsi – Bubble Gun
Karl Schoenberg – Paradox
HAAS – Fall In
Ball Major – Ready Set Go
Lou Jefe – Run Up
Pure Order – Sons of Belial (Walking Dead) – RRIV Remix
JOBIE – cruel vice
Dead Cassette – Revive
Sïan Able – Back to the Sun
Joe’s Groove Huddle – Strong Piano
Xavier Boscher – Retour à Soi
Nola Wren – The Calendar
Mike Kennedy – Grass is Greener
Mahihkan Music – Infinite
Freak Waves – Over My Head
HEYJACK – Aquarium
[Ex] da Bass – Rising Up
Temperature Falls – Fight
Fifty Gram – Floater
Project Reverb – Faith, Hope & Love
The Flo – Funkified Fine
Endless Season UK – You Want It
James Keegan – Learning to Smile
Weedy T – Cheddar
Jobbaloon – Bm
Bridges Ablaze – Hellbent
J-Dee Lench Mob – Political Pressure
Ko-Bena – Stronger
Tym Tonem – I Can’t Fail
Breeze Mantana – Suplex
Trap Kit – The Comedown
Mattygotbars – These Dreams
Carbellion – Barfight
David Knowles – Blackest Night
MAKHASED – Penipeni
Matt2Wavey – Numbers
Zac Bnjmn – Azula
Alan Ward – Roxanne
DreArtist – Blackenese 2 (Drunken Style)
ALEX.C – You Turn Me Crazy
Lifeboats – Misery Business
5 SUPREME – Good Girl Gone
M. ilune – rose garden
Betta Salvan – You
Galactic Fuzz – Transparent
Smokey Productions – Tania
Ludovica – Cycles
DJ Overule – Naquela Base
Son Cesano – The Nordic One
Burn the Louvre – Silhouettes
Whales Of Neptune – Triple Point
Kaleigh – Situationship
Alex George – Here We Go Again
Luna Falling – The End
Taryn Lounsbury – Wildfire
Joker’s Hand – You’re Why I Don’t Sleep At Night
Wendy Nikola – People Like Me
Seneko – Motus Est Magicae
L Y S – Step By Step
Ilan Bell – Through It All
XIKO – Find Someone
Combinator – Things That Should Be
Eric Anders – So Far Gone
Moment – Moment in Time
Restless Mosaic – Multicam Behavioral Health
MC Nemesis – Tigress
Johanna Dadap – The World’s Gone Up In Smoke
Spoiler NYC – Banned in 38 States – Remastered
Indiana Bradley – Rats on Cocaine
jRadx – Strife
Zach Churchill – Reach You
Patty & The Oh’s – Useless Love
Ol’ Rattlebones – My Love
Sickpay – One Dead Cop
Craigology – Yellow Croton
Cass Clayton – We’re All Going Down
Blunda – Open
3d the Boss – Heaven and Paradise
Andrew Ruoti – State of the World
Swansgate – Embedded Rhythm
Ajay Mathur – Sooner or Later
Mr. Grossman – F.W.I.W.
Killed by The Architects – God Complex
Frank Cogliano – Cave
Nitrate – Renegade
t.quoise – Sun Bath
red – cafeteria
Denzell – Back To Me
UNSERVANT – Isnt Selfish Isnt Pride
Ashes Reign – Stand Together
AMY.D – Forget Forever
DJ Sander – Synt Only
NTT – I Am Not Here on Purpose
Eleanor Collides – Chasing Ghosts
Fernyx8 – Take a Jump
Lainey Dionne – Two Weirdos
Lil Shifty – Grind

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I challenge anyone to listen to this playlist and tell me that independent music is not alive and well. Great music is everywhere.

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