Starting off with muddy, dreamy guitars slightly reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Julia” (I say slightly because The Beatles are sacred), indie acoustic act The Flying Black Hats play “Soft Song” the way I’d like to hear more music played. It’s the band’s most popular song even though it was recorded on a broken 4-track. That should tell you gear-heads something. Your new plugin or effects pedal may not mean as much as you’d like it to.

No pretension in particular. It’s just about what it’s about. In this case, a breakup. On top of the beautifully stark guitars, the vocals are clear and up front with back ups doubling the main. Sonic Youth could have written this song, and the vocalist sounds very much like Thurston Moore.

I’d highly recommend this little gem to fans of Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Midlake, The National and Sonic Youth. ¬†Listen to “Soft Song” at The Flying Black Hats’ Bandcamp page.

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