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The Husk is a free & easy to use download gate & fan link platform. The Husk is loaded with amazing features that allow users to connect with their fans and market their music successfully. What really makes it stand out from competitors is that you can monetize your growth on Spotify & SoundCloud. The Husk is the first and only gate platform to monetize, making it the ultimate go-to tool for music industry professionals. What most platforms charge for, The Husk gives for free. Check out some features & examples below.

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Monetization – Your Spotify & SoundCloud traffic can now earn you revenue with The Husks profit share model. Automatic payouts on the first of every month to your Pay-Pal.

Mobile Friendly – You can use The Husk on the go as well. Check your stats, edit & create gates, all from your phone or tablet. Your fans can also interact with your gate via mobile.

Husk Pro – Pro plan allows advanced customization of your gates, in addition to key features such as Google Analytics, Custom QR Codes, share links & more. Free 7 day trial!

Statistics – A beautifully designed stats page allows you to view statistics for each/all of your gates at anytime.

Modern Design – Make the right impression on potential fans with an eye catching, yet simple, gate design. Our gates are easy and enjoyable to use, with minimal clicks, allowing you to convert more downloaders into fans.

Customization – You are able to easily customize your gates. Edit your artwork, title, content, actions, platforms, & more!

Multi-platform & actions – You can choose from a variety of platforms to build a fan-base on. Spotify, SoundCloud, & Youtube. Grow your fan-base easily across multiple important platforms. With multiple actions for your gate, you can: Collect unlimited emails, gain followers, reposts, shares, comments, likes, and more.

Fan Links – Save setup time and make it easier for your fans to connect with you by combining your download gates with your fan links. We are the first platform to allow you to have your fan links displayed directly on your download gates.

The Husk is a must use for all music industry personnel. You can check out more details by heading to The Husk here.

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