Psychedelic and heartfelt, though still enjoying the sun, indie rock trio The Paper Suns have a 3-track album entitled “Over Water” available now at their Bandcamp page. It always brightens my day when I get submissions this good. They really unite the indie rock style with some much needed depth. You can tell that Jim, Kane and Mike (The Paper Suns lineup) don’t just listen to indie rock, because you can hear a Beatles influence and even the Jefferson Airplane? I could be hearing things, but they are most definitely good things so we’ll leave it alone.

Vocalist Jim Reno doesn’t miss a note and shows soul and range with no sense or pretension. The guitars, bass and drums all shine, as does the production sheen on this album. I’d be very curious to see the directions The Paper Suns would go on a full length release with a few darker, stranger tracks in the mix.

Very, very strong material for fans of psychedelic rock, blues, indie rock, or classic rock.

Buy or preview “Over Water” here.

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