Thomas Deed Oozes With Soul on Blues Rock Power Ballad “Trying”

Blues Rock Ballad 'Try'

After the pop-rock song “New Star Rising” (featured on our Indie Music Worldwide playlist)  THOMAS DEED out of Rosenheim / Germany presents his second single TRYING – an authentic retro-style blues-rock ballad. This is a song characterized by groove, space and ample soul. Highly recommended listening for any fans of blues rock, pop rock or generally strong, soulful songwriting. There’s a classic “In the Air Tonight” vibe here. The vocals ooze with emotion.

The song is about the search for true love and comes with an emotional music video that alternates between impressive studio scenes and a tragic story. The protagonist has already had a disappointing experience, but remains optimistic about finding the right partner. “But I keep on trying to love again…” expresses her determination to keep searching and not to give up.

The composition by Mick B. Hardt (Micart, Blank Weineck and many more), the production by Reinhard von Wegen (KAFFKIEZ, Vroudenspil, K-STE and many more), many talented guest musicians, the master by Ludwig Maier, and the unmistakable voice by Thomas Deed prove to be the perfect constellation for diversity and authenticity, which is otherwise only known from Nashville Artists. The song was perfectly staged with a professional music video by Phoung Herzer. Lina Maruyama in the leading role gives the story a unique dramaturgy.

Blues rock fans rejoice!


TRYING will be released on March 3rd, 2023 on Hicktown Records.

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