Chill Music Master Craigology Delivers Tropical Vibes and Smooth Jazz

Chill music master Craigology - Smooth Jazz

Chill music master and Florida-based musician and producer Craigology expresses his unique creative vision by combining Electronica, Smooth Jazz and Tropical vibes, guiding the listener to a peaceful clearing far from rumination. His new album “Garden Tourist” further evolves the artist’s mastery of immersive, soothing instrumental crossover music. Craigology has been playing writing and producing Smooth Jazz, reggae, calypso, and other musical genres in between for over 25 years. It’s no wonder he’s able to connect with the listener by effortlessly blending genres and blurring the lines of division between styles and approaches. “Always nice to jam over a pulsating groove.” says the artist on his musical perspective.

Craigology takes a decidedly holistic approach to making chill music. “Music is not just playing notes or hearing sounds, but it is a way to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.” – Craigology

Chill music master Craigology - Smooth Jazz, Electronic

As plentiful and diverse as an Exotic Garden, the EP Garden Tourist is a musical journey and walk through of various moods and emotions.  Just like a Tourist visiting a beautiful foreign land, Garden Tourist takes the listener to a place where different musical styles and feels are visited.  Adventurous but still enchanting, the botanical musical scenes are there for the listener to explore.

“Sometimes having that time after a long day to just reflect on child-hood days are priceless.”

A highly recommended listen for chill music enthusiasts, from downtempo electronica to jazz, reggae and all across the experimental spectrum, “Garden Tourist” is out now on all streaming platforms. Listen below on Spotify or Apple Music.
Stream “Garden Tourist” on Spotify.

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