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Things Take Time

Things take time, there is no other way around it. In the music industry when you routinely have to go through two or three people just to get anything done you simply have to accept these unfortunate realities and then go from there. There are times when you’re going to find yourself endlessly frustrated with...

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Finding The People Who Make You Money

One thing that I don’t think a lot of people in music seem to understand is targeting where the money is. People seem content to jut hit the same generic local punk markets utterly ignoring that there are millions of dollars sitting out there if they are able to look beyond an audience of just...

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Crazy People In The Music Industry

One of the weirdly frustrating things about the music industry is the prevalence of crazy people out there. I know that seems unsurprising at first glance, of course tons of people want to get involved in the music industry and odds are a lot of them are going to be crazy, but as luck would...

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Pricing Promotions And Your Indie Band

So something I’ve been struggling properly developing these days has been special pricing and promotional strategies based around pricing. As a result I’m doing what I always do when I come up against a conundrum of this sort – I write about it in order to get my thoughts on the table and properly sorted...

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Placement Strategies And You

Placement strategies are one of those things that are almost impossible for DIY bands to actually engage in because so many of the mare so hokey. So often it will be like “Oh do you play Americana? Then ask if the local Americana restaurant will play your CD!” That’s dumb, is not going to increase...

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Market Segmentation And Your Indie Band

Market segmentation – now there is a fancy sounding term. It’s also a term that is going to hopefully make you and your band a whole boatload of money – or at least enough that you are able to pay for your day to day expenses. Fortunately it’s not too complicated to start doing this...

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Who You Want In Your Band

Figuring out who you want to work with in the music industry is hard. There’s a lot of shitty people you have to deal with and you’re going to get fucked time and time again by awful people. A lot of the stereotypes in the music industry are true. Very few people seem to really...

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